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Adame, Maria Fernanda, Kelleway, Jeffrey, Krauss, Ken W., Lovelock, Catherine E., Adams, Janine B., Trevathan-tackett, Stacey M., Noe, Greg, Jeffrey, Luke, Ronan, Mike, Zann, Maria, Carnell, Paul E., Iram, Naima, Maher, Damien T., Murdiyarso, Daniel, Sasmito, Sigit, Tran, Da B., Dargusch, Paul, Kauffman, J. Boone, and Brophy, Laura (2024) All tidal wetlands are blue carbon ecosystems. BioScience, 74 (4). pp. 253-268.

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Arbon, P.M., Andrade Martinez, Maria, Garrett, M. Andrade, Jerry, D.R., and Condon, K. (2024) Determining patterns of tissue tropism for IHHNV, GAV and YHV-7 infection in giant black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) using real-time RT-qPCR. Aquaculture, 584. 740680.

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Ahebwa, Alex, Hii, Jeffrey, Neoh, Kok-Boon, Leepasert, Theerachart, and Chareonviriyaphap, Theeraphap (2024) Effects of transfluthrin-treated jute and cotton clothing against resistant and susceptible Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) in a semifield system. Journal of Medical Entomology, 61 (1). pp. 181-190.

Adamu, Andrew M., Firth, Cadhla, Gummow, Bruce, Hickson, Roslyn I., Hoskins, Andrew J., and Horwood, Paul F. (2024) Feral pigs as a reservoir for zoonotic and transboundary diseases in the Western Pacific Region. Western Pacific Surveillance and Response, 15 (1).

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Adamu, Andrew, Adetunji, Rachael, Emmanuel, David, Adikwu, Alex, Idoko, Sunday, Adegboye, Oyelola, and Baba, Shekwoduza (2024) Influenza A virus antibodies in horses and pigs in Nigeria: The need for One Health approach. The Microbe, 2. 100039.

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Ainsworth, Frank (2024) Looking Back and Learning from Kew Cottages. Residential Treatment for Children and Youth. (In Press)

Ahmad, Jameel, Zia, Muhammad Umer, Naqvi, Ijaz Haider, Chattha, Jawwad Nasar, Butt, Faran Awais, Huang, Tao, and Xiang, Wei (2024) Machine learning and blockchain technologies for cybersecurity in connected vehicles. WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 14. e1515.

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