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Athukorala, Ajani, Donnelly, Camilla M., Pavan, Silvia, Nematollahzadeh, Sepehr, Djossou, Victoria Atalie, Nath, Babu, Helbig, Karla J., Di Iorio, Enzo, McSharry, Brian P., Alvisi, Gualtiero, Forwood, Jade K., and Sarker, Subir (2024) Structural and functional characterization of siadenovirus core protein VII nuclear localization demonstrates the existence of multiple nuclear transport pathways. Journal of General Virology, 105 (1). 001928.

Athukorala, Ajani, Lacasse, Claude, Curtiss, Jeffrey B., Phalen, David N., and Sarker, Subir (2023) Characterisation of a novel aviadenovirus associated with disease in tawny frogmouths (Podargus strigoides). Virology, 588. 109904.

Abalaka, Samson Eneojo, Idoko, Idoko Sunday, Adamu, Andrew Musa, Nafarnda, Wesley Daniel, Machunga-Mabunla, Salamatu, Audu, Zakariya, Sani, Nuhu Abdulazeez, Tenuche, Oremeyi Zaynab, and Ejeh, Sunday Augustine (2023) Histopathological and health risk assessment of heavy metals in the straw-colored fruit bat, Eidolon helvum, in Nigeria. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 195. 411.

Athukorala, Ajani, Helbig, Karla J., Mcsharry, Brian P., Forwood, Jade K., and Sarker, Subir (2022) Adenoviruses in Avian Hosts: Recent Discoveries Shed New Light on Adenovirus Diversity and Evolution. Viruses, 14 (8). 1767.


Bordicchia, Matteo, Fumian, Tulio Machado, Van Brussel, Kate, Russo, Alice G., Carrai, Maura, Le, Shi-Jia, Pesavento, Patricia A., Holmes, Edward C., Martella, Vito, White, Peter, Beatty, Julia A., Shi, Mang, and Barrs, Vanessa R. (2021) Feline Calicivirus Virulent Systemic Disease: Clinical Epidemiology, Analysis of Viral Isolates and In Vitro Efficacy of Novel Antivirals in Australian Outbreaks. Viruses, 13 (10). 2040.

Baturcam, E., Snape, N., Yeo, T.H., Schagen, J., Thomas, E., Logan, J., Galbraith, S., Collinson, N., Phipps, S., Fantino, E., Sly, P.D., and Spann, K.M. (2017) Human metapneumovirus impairs apoptosis of nasal epithelial cells in asthma via HSP70. Journal of Innate Immunity, 9 (1). pp. 52-64.


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Costa, Vincenzo A., Bellwood, David R., Mifsud, Jonathon C.O., Van Brussel, Kate, Geoghegan, Jemma L., Holmes, Edward C., and Harvey, Erin (2023) Limited cross-species virus transmission in a spatially restricted coral reef fish community. Virus Evolution, 9 (1). vead011.

Choi, Yan Ru, Chen, Min-Chun, Carrai, Maura, Rizzo, Francesca, Chai, Yingfei, Tse, May, Jackson, Ken, Martella, Vito, Steiner, Joerg, Pesavento, Patricia A., Beatty, Julia A., and Barrs, Vanessa R. (2022) Hepadnavirus DNA Is Detected in Canine Blood Samples in Hong Kong but Not in Liver Biopsies of Chronic Hepatitis or Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Viruses, 14 (7). 1453.

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Das, Shubhagata, Subir, Sarker, Adriaanse, Katherine, Forwood, Jade K., Ghorashi, Seyed A., and Raidal, Shane R. (2016) Characterization of Beak and Feather Disease Virus Genomes from Wild Musk Lorikeets (Glossopsitta concinna). Genome Announcements, 4 (5). e01107-16.

Das, Shubhagata, Sarker, Subir, Ghorashi, Seyed Ali, Forwood, Jade K., and Raidal, Shane R. (2016) A comparison of PCR assays for beak and feather disease virus and high resolution melt (HRM) curve analysis of replicase associated protein and capsid genes. Journal of Virological Methods, 237. pp. 47-57.

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Go, Yun Young, Carrai, Maura, Choi, Yan Ru, Brackman, Christopher J., Tam, Karina W.S., Law, Pierra Y.T., Woodhouse, Fiona, Gray, Jane, Kim, Ji Hun, Park, Joohyung, Jeon, Chae Won, Jang, Hyomi, Magouras, Ioannis, Decaro, DecaroNicola, Cheng, Samuel M.S., Peiris, Malik, Beatty, Julia A., and Barrs, Vanessa R. (2023) Low Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in Canine and Feline Serum Samples Collected during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Hong Kong and Korea. Viruses, 15 (2). 582.

George, Uwem, George, Oluwadamilola, Oragwa, Arthur, Motayo, Babatunde, Kamani, Joshua, Adamu, Andrew, Sowemimo, Oluyomi, Adeleke, Richard, Abalaka, Samson, Sani, Nuhu, Oguzie, Judith, Eromon, Philomena, Folarin, Onikepe, Happi, Anise, Komolafe, Isaac, and Happi, Christian (2022) Detection of Alpha- and Betacoronaviruses in Frugivorous and Insectivorous Bats in Nigeria. Pathogens, 11 (9). 1017.


He, Lei, Zhang, Yuhao, Jia, Yanyan, Li, Zedian, Li, Jing, Shang, Ke, Ding, Ke, Yu, Haotong, and Sarker, Subir (2023) A novel pathogenic avipoxvirus infecting oriental turtle dove (Streptopelia orientalis) in China shows a high genomic and evolutionary proximity with the pigeon avipoxviruses isolated globally. Microbiology Spectrum, 11 (5).

Hayakijkosol, Orachun, Jaroenram, Wansadaj, Owens, Leigh, and Elliman, Jennifer (2021) Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) detection for Australian Cherax reovirus from redclaw crayfish (Cherax quadricarinatus). Aquaculture, 530. 735881.

Hall-Mendelin, Sonja, Pyke, Alyssa T., Moore, Peter R., Mackay, Ian M., McMahon, Jamie L., Ritchie, Scott A., Taylor, Carmel T., Moore, Frederick A.J., and van den Hurk, Andrew F. (2016) Assessment of local mosquito species incriminates Aedes aegypti as the potential vector of zika virus in Australia. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 10 (9). e0004959. pp. 1-14.

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Jaroenram, Wansadaj, Owens, Leigh, Hayakijkosol, Orachun, and Elliman, Jennifer (2021) Natural, in ovo, vertical transmission of the RNA viruses, Chequa iflavirus and Athtab bunyavirus, but not Cherax reovirus in redclaw crayfish (Cherax quadricarinatus). Aquaculture, 534. 736285.

Jones, K., Burgess, G., Budd, A.M., Huerlimann, R., Mashkour, N., and Ariel, E. (2020) Molecular evidence for horizontal transmission of chelonid alphaherpesvirus 5 at green turtle (Chelonia mydas) foraging grounds in Queensland, Australia. PLoS ONE, 15 (1). e0227268.


Klukowski, Natalie, Eden, Paul, Uddin, Muhammad Jasim, and Sarker, Subir (2024) Virome of Australia's most endangered parrot in captivity evidenced of harboring hitherto unknown viruses. Microbiology Spectrum, 12 (1). 03052-23.

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Kasimov, Vasilli, Wille, Michelle, Sarker, Subir, Dong, Yalun, Shao, Renfu, Hall, Clancy, Potvin, Dominique, Conroy, Gabriel, Valenza, Ludovica, Gillett, Amber, Timms, Peter, and Jelocnik, Martina (2023) Unexpected Pathogen Diversity Detected in Australian Avifauna Highlights Potential Biosecurity Challenges. Viruses, 15 (1). 143.


Laffy, Patrick W., Wood-Charlson, Elisha M., Turaev, Dmitrij, Jutz, Sabrina, Pascelli, Cecilia, Botté, Emmanuelle S., Bell, Sara C., Peirce, Tyler E., Weynberg, Karen D., van Oppen, Madeleine J.H., Rattei, Thomas, and Webster, Nicole S. (2018) Reef invertebrate viromics: diversity, host specificity and functional capacity. Environmental Microbiology, 20 (6). pp. 2125-2141.

Loiseau, C., Requena, M., Mavigner, M., Cazabat, M., Carrere, N., Suc, B., Barange, K., Alric, L., Marchou, B., Massip, P., Izopet, J., and Delobel, P. (2016) CCR6− regulatory T cells blunt the restoration of gut Th17 cells along the CCR6–CCL20 axis in treated HIV-1-infected individuals. Mucosal Immunology, 9 (5). pp. 1137-1150.


Nath, Babu Kanti, Das, Tridip, Peters, Andrew, Gupta, Suman Das, Sarker, Subir, Forwood, Jade K., Raidal, Shane R., and Das, Shubhagata (2023) Australasian Pigeon Circoviruses Demonstrate Natural Spillover Infection. Viruses, 15 (10). 2025.

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Sarker, Subir, and Raidal, Shane R. (2023) A Novel Pathogenic Avipoxvirus Infecting Vulnerable Cook’s Petrel (Pterodroma cookii) in Australia Demonstrates a High Genomic and Evolutionary Proximity with South African Avipoxviruses. Microbiology Spectrum, 11 (2).

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