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Allen, Tammy, Castellanos Reynosa, Maria, Giacomin, Paul, Karunaweera, Nadira D., Kupz, Andreas, Carlos LoL, Juan, Sharma, Dileep, Sikder, Suchandan, Tedla, Bemnet, van Eijk, Liza, Vojisavljevic, Danica, Zhao, Guangzu, and Pai, Saparna (2024) Next-Generation Vaccines for Tropical Infectious Diseases. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 143. 107014.

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Uroro, Evelyn Osehontue, Bright, Richard, Dabare, Panthihage Ruvini L., Bera, Debkumar, Quek, Jing Yang, Goswami, Nirmal, and Vasilev, Krasimir (2022) Biocompatible Polycationic Silver Nanocluster-Impregnated PLGA Nanocomposites with Potent Antimicrobial Activity. ChemNanoMat, 8 (11). e202200349.

Cheeseman, Samuel, Elbourne, Aaron, Gangadoo, Sheeana, Shaw, Z.L., Bryant, Saffron J., Syed, Nitu, Dickey, Michael D., Higgins, Michael J., Vasilev, Krasimir, McConville, Chris F., Christofferson, Andrew J., Crawford, Russell J., Daeneke, Torben, Chapman, James, and Truong, Vi Khanh (2022) Interactions between Liquid Metal Droplets and Bacterial, Fungal, and Mammalian Cells. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 9 (7). 2102113.

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Liu, Xujie, Yuan, Jiongpeng, Zhang, Jian, Visalakshan, Rahul Madathiparambil, Wang, Wenxia, Xiang, Yongxiao, He, Yan, Feng, Qingling, and Vasilev, Krasimir (2022) The introduction of nanotopography suppresses bacterial adhesion and enhances osteoinductive capacity of plasma deposited polyoxazoline surface. Materials Letters, 309. 131452.

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Reznik, J.E., Biros, E., Sacher, Y., Kibrik, O., Milanese, S., Gordon, S., and Galea, M.P. (2017) A preliminary investigation on the effect of extracorporeal shock wave therapy as a treatment for neurogenic heterotopic ossification following traumatic brain injury. Part II: effects on function. Brain Injury, 31 (4). pp. 533-541.

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Romo Rico, Jesus (2023) Plasma-assisted development of plant-based biomaterials for wound-healing applications. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

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