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Also publishes as (Anne M. Lord, Anne Mary Lord, Anne Mary (AM) Lord)

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Lord, Anne (2015) Empowering with image: arts based practice. Qualitative Research Journal, 15 (3). pp. 351-372.

Lord, Anne (2012) Shards and earth – Surveyor: difference between ochre and card [small version]. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2012) Shards – For a Fire Ravenswood: difference between glass and resin [small version]. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2012) Shards – Walking on the Beach: difference between sand and wood [small version]. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2012) Qualitative research in the creative arts. Creative Approach to Research, 5 (1). pp. 58-76.

Lord, Anne (2011) Dancing with the dog: dangerous liaisons. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2011) Harvest in digital. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2011) Icarus 2. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2011) Peasant dance. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2011) Wedding feast. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2011) 'Similarity and Difference' exhibited in 'Glimpse of China'. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and Difference: Raddish. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and Difference: Shell. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and Difference: Sweet Potato. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and difference: bamboo grove. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and difference: dragon fruit. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and difference: frangipanni. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and difference: peach. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and difference: snake skin fruit. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2010) Creative visual art storytelling and concept development. Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 3 (3). pp. 227-256.

Lord, Anne (2010) Chinese plate and beetle. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2010) Collecting Seeds I, graphite and watercolour. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2010) Collecting Seeds II, watercolour and mixed media. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2010) Collecting Seeds: a series of watercolours. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne (2010) Collecting seeds - yellow ground. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2010) Covered shoes. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2010) Hand and Collected Seeds. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2010) Humus shoes. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2010) Pumice and seeds. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2010) Six pine seeds. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2010) 'Black Dog'. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2010) 'Dance,' a lithograph. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2010) Fruit [from the] Strand: dark. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2010) Hug. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2010) Split, a lithograph. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2010) Three shrivelled seeds: pods. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2010) Transitions: an art and ephemera installation. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2009) Now and Then: 150 years of art making in north Queensland, a group exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne (2009) Chalk lines around horizontal survey pegs: a site specific installation. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2009) Peg 1 Yellow Ochre Peg 2 Yellow Ochre dk Discussion at Wallaman I Discussion at Wallaman II in Habitus, Habitat. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne, and Ashton, Linda (2009) Reflecting on methodology and the PhD supervision partnership. Australian Art Education, 32 (2). pp. 105-122.

Lord, Anne Mary (2008) Art and ephemera post-structuralist perspective: visual art, ephemera and environment. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Lord, Anne M. (2007) Ephemeral characters: ice sculptures. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne M. (2007) Tides and Melts - Strand Ephemera. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne (2007) 1890 Portrait. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne M. (2007) Tools of change. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne (2007) Ephemera art and detritus. In: Proceedings of the Environmental Research Event 2007 , pp. 160-168. From: Environmental Research Event 2007, 2-5 December 2007, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

Lord, Anne (2007) 'Pegs to no pegs' is a pair of screen printed images in a diptych selected for the Inaugural Burnie Print Prize, Tasmania. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne (2006) Watersheds and Basins. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne (2006) Robe. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne M. (2006) Perc's Vestments. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne (2006) Watersheds and Basins. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne (2005) From left to right. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2005) Sinistre/Dextra. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2005) Throw Sad Things to the Wind. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2004) Corresponding Latitudes. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne (2004) Ephemeral Being 2, installation. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2004) Ephemeral Beings 1. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne Mary (AM) (2004) Absence - an installation and catalogue of work. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne (2004) Buddha's Footprint. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2004) Li.Bu. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne M. (2003) Contemplating the future. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne (2003) Exchange - An exhibition and catalogue. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne M. (2003) Youth. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne (2003) Jill O’Sullivan: Djarra interpretations of rural identity. Imprint, 38 (3). p. 9.

Lord, Anne (2003) Survivor Trees. [Artefact]

Lord, Anne M. (2003) 'Twisted Air'. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2002) Child in Known Environment. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2002) Girl in dream environment. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2002) Lady and Known Environment. [Image]

Lord, Anne (2002) Lady in Chosen Environment. [Image]

Lord, Anne M. (2002) People in Known Environments. [Show/Exhibition]

Lord, Anne (2002) Woman in Desired Environment. [Image]

Lord, Anne Mary (AM) (2001) Urban flag series. Umbrella Studio Contemporary Art Space, Townsville Australia.

Lord, Anne (2001) Gentleman and known environment. [Image]

Lord, Anne Mary (AM) (2000) New Horizons. Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville, Australia.

Lord, Anne (2000) Palmetum Print. [Image]

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