Publications by: Anne Lord

Also publishes as (Anne Mary Lord, Anne Mary (AM) Lord, Anne M. Lord)

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Lord, Anne (2015) Empowering with image: arts based practice. Qualitative Research Journal, 15 (3). pp. 351-372.

Lord, Anne (2012) Shards and earth – Surveyor: difference between ochre and card [small version].

Lord, Anne (2012) Shards – For a Fire Ravenswood: difference between glass and resin [small version].

Lord, Anne (2012) Shards – Walking on the Beach: difference between sand and wood [small version].

Lord, Anne (2012) Qualitative research in the creative arts. Creative Approach to Research, 5 (1). 6. pp. 58-76.

Lord, Anne (2011) Dancing with the dog: dangerous liaisons.

Lord, Anne (2011) Harvest in digital.

Lord, Anne (2011) Icarus 2.

Lord, Anne (2011) Peasant dance.

Lord, Anne (2011) Wedding feast.

Lord, Anne (2011) 'Similarity and Difference' exhibited in 'Glimpse of China'.

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and Difference: Raddish.

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and Difference: Shell.

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and Difference: Sweet Potato.

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and difference: bamboo grove.

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and difference: dragon fruit.

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and difference: frangipanni.

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and difference: peach.

Lord, Anne (2011) Similarity and difference: snake skin fruit.

Lord, Anne (2010) Creative visual art storytelling and concept development. Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 3 (3). pp. 227-256.

Lord, Anne (2010) Chinese plate and beetle.

Lord, Anne (2010) Collecting Seeds I, graphite and watercolour.

Lord, Anne (2010) Collecting Seeds II, watercolour and mixed media.

Lord, Anne (2010) Collecting Seeds: a series of watercolours. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2010) Collecting seeds - yellow ground.

Lord, Anne (2010) Covered shoes.

Lord, Anne (2010) Hand and Collected Seeds.

Lord, Anne (2010) Humus shoes.

Lord, Anne (2010) Pumice and seeds.

Lord, Anne (2010) Six pine seeds.

Lord, Anne (2010) 'Black Dog'.

Lord, Anne (2010) 'Dance,' a lithograph.

Lord, Anne (2010) Fruit [from the] Strand: dark.

Lord, Anne (2010) Hug.

Lord, Anne (2010) Split, a lithograph.

Lord, Anne (2010) Three shrivelled seeds: pods.

Lord, Anne (2010) Transitions: an art and ephemera installation. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2009) Now and Then: 150 years of art making in north Queensland, a group exhibition.

Lord, Anne (2009) Chalk lines around horizontal survey pegs: a site specific installation.

Lord, Anne (2009) Peg 1 Yellow Ochre Peg 2 Yellow Ochre dk Discussion at Wallaman I Discussion at Wallaman II in Habitus, Habitat. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne, and Ashton, Linda (2009) Reflecting on methodology and the PhD supervision partnership. Australian Art Education, 32 (2). pp. 105-122.

Lord, Anne Mary (2008) Art and ephemera post-structuralist perspective: visual art, ephemera and environment. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Lord, Anne M. (2007) Ephemeral characters: ice sculptures. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne M. (2007) Tides and Melts - Strand Ephemera. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2007) 1890 Portrait.

Lord, Anne M. (2007) Tools of change. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2007) Ephemera art and detritus. In: Proceedings of the Environmental Research Event 2007 . pp. 160-168. From: Environmental Research Event 2007, 2-5 December 2007, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

Lord, Anne (2007) 'Pegs to no pegs' is a pair of screen printed images in a diptych selected for the Inaugural Burnie Print Prize, Tasmania. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2006) Watersheds and Basins.

Lord, Anne (2006) Robe.

Lord, Anne M. (2006) Perc's Vestments. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2006) Watersheds and Basins. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2005) From left to right. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2005) Sinistre/Dextra. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2005) Throw Sad Things to the Wind. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2004) Corresponding Latitudes. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2004) Ephemeral Being 2, installation.

Lord, Anne (2004) Ephemeral Beings 1.

Lord, Anne Mary (AM) (2004) Absence - an installation and catalogue of work.

Lord, Anne (2004) Buddha's Footprint. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2004) Li.Bu. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne M. (2003) Contemplating the future. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2003) Exchange - An exhibition and catalogue. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne M. (2003) Youth. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2003) Jill O’Sullivan: Djarra interpretations of rural identity. Imprint, 38 (3). p. 9.

Lord, Anne (2003) Survivor Trees. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne M. (2003) 'Twisted Air'. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2002) Child in Known Environment.

Lord, Anne (2002) Girl in dream environment.

Lord, Anne (2002) Lady and Known Environment.

Lord, Anne (2002) Lady in Chosen Environment.

Lord, Anne M. (2002) People in Known Environments. [Creative Work]

Lord, Anne (2002) Woman in Desired Environment.

Lord, Anne Mary (AM) (2001) Urban flag series. Umbrella Studio Contemporary Art Space, Townsville Australia.

Lord, Anne (2001) Gentleman and known environment.

Lord, Anne Mary (AM) (2000) New Horizons. Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville, Australia.

Lord, Anne (2000) Palmetum Print.

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