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Gulizia, Alexandra, Philippa, Bronson, Zacharuk, Jessica, Motti, Cherie A., and Vamvounis, George (2023) Plasticiser leaching from polyvinyl chloride microplastics and the implications for environmental risk assessment. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 195. 115392.

Gulizia, Alexandra M., Patel, Kishan, Philippa, Bronson, Motti, Cherie A., van Herwerden, Lynne, and Vamvounis, George (2023) Understanding plasticiser leaching from polystyrene microplastics. Science of the Total Environment, 857. 159099.

Greenberg, M., Sanderson, S., White, R.D., Vamvounis, G., Burn, P.L., and Philippa, B. (2023) A modeling approach to understanding OLED performance improvements arising from spatial variations in guest:host blend ratio. Journal of Chemical Physics, 159. 034101.

Sanderson, Stephen, Vamvounis, George, Mark, Alan, Burn, Paul, White, Ronald, and Philippa, Bronson (2022) Understanding the performance differences between solution and vacuum deposited OLEDs: a computational approach. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 156 (21). 214703.

Gulizia, Alexandra M., Brodie, Eve, Daumuller, Renee, Bloom, Sarah B., Corbett, Tayla, Santana, Marina M.F., Motti, Cherie A., and Vamvounis, George (2022) Evaluating the Effect of Chemical Digestion Treatments on Polystyrene Microplastics: Recommended Updates to Chemical Digestion Protocols. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 223. 2100485.

Lehmann, Marc, Vamvounis, George, Bloom, Sarah, Prout, Jake, Gordon-Wright, Henry, and Das, Sambit (2022) Impact of Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger Residuals on the Fluorescence Behaviour of OiW Discharges from Gas-Condensate Production. In: Proceedings of the SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition. From: SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, 17-19 October 2022, Adelaide, SA, Australia.

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McCormick, Mark I., Chivers, Douglas P., Ferrari, Maud C.O., Blandford, Makeely I., Nanninga, Gerrit P., Richardson, Celia, Fakan, Eric P., Vamvounis, George, Gulizia, Alexandra M., and Allan, Bridie J.M. (2020) Microplastic exposure interacts with habitat degradation to affect behaviour and survival of juvenile fish in the field. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B, Biological Sciences, 287 (1937). 20201947.

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Sanderson, Stephen, Philippa, Bronson, Vamvounis, George, Burn, Paul L., and White, Ronald D. (2019) Elucidating the effects of guest-host energy level alignment on charge transport in phosphorescent OLEDs. Applied Physics Letters, 115. 263301.

Glasson, Christopher R.K., Donnet, Luke, Angell, Alex, Vucko, Matthew J., Lorbeer, Andrew J., Vamvounis, George, de Nys, Rocky, and Magnusson, Marie (2019) Multiple response optimisation of the aqueous extraction of high quality ulvan from Ulva ohnoi. Bioresource Technology Reports, 7. 100262.

Woodland, Walmiria, Lim, Richard, Motti, Cherie, Irving, Paul, Wang, Jun, Payne, Mark, Junk, Peter C., and Vamvounis, George (2019) Oil spill source identification using colorimetric detection. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 72 (11). pp. 874-880.

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Heindler, Franz M., Alajmi, Fahad, Huerlimann, Roger, Zeng, Chaoshu, Newman, Stephen J., Vamvounis, George, and van Herwerden, Lynne (2017) Toxic effects of polyethylene terephthalate microparticles and Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate on the calanoid copepod, Parvocalanus crassirostris. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 141. pp. 298-305.

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Gendron, David, Ansaldo, Alberto, Bubak, Grzegorz, Ceseracciu, Luca, Vamvounis, George, and Ricci, David (2015) Poly(ionic liquid)-carbon nanotubes self-supported, highly electroconductive composites and their application in electroactive devices. Composites Science and Technology, 117. pp. 364-370.

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