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Anderson, P.A., Keene, F.R., Gulbis, J.M., and Tiekink, ER.T. (1993) Crystal structure of bis(nitrato)bis(2,2',2"-tripyridylamine)copper(II), C₃ₒH₂₄CuN₁ₒO₆. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie , 206 (pt. 2). pp. 275-278.


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Dryden, Simon, McCarthy, H. David, Malabu, Usman H., Ware, Mark, and Williams, Gareth (1993) Increased neuropeptide Y concentrations in specific hypothalamic nuclei of the rat following treatment with methysergide: evidence that NPY may mediate serotonin's effects on food intake. Peptides, 14 (4). pp. 791-796.

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Errington, Edward Peter (1993) Arts Education: Beliefs, Practices and Possibilities. Deakin University Press, Geelong, Victoria, Australia..

Errington, Edward (1993) Reclaiming the driver's seat. Education Links, 46 (Spring). pp. 25-27.

Errington, Edward Peter (1993) Teachers as researchers: pursuing qualitative enquiry in drama classrooms. Youth Theatre Journal, 7 (4). pp. 31-36.


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