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Abualreesh, Muyassar, Myers, Jaelen N., Gurbatow, Jeremy, Johnson, Andrew, Xing, De, Wang, Jinhai, Li, Shangjia, Coogan, Michael, Vo, Khoi, El Husseini, Nour, Dunham, Rex A., and Butts, Ian A.E. (2021) Effects of antioxidants and antifreeze proteins on cryopreservation of blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) spermatogonia. Aquaculture, 531. 735966.

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Kidgell, Joel Thomas (2021) The structure and bioactivity of ulvan, a sulfated polysaccharide from Ulva (chlorophyta). PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Kumar, Ajay, Kaur, Sandeep, Pandit, Kritika, Kaur, Varinder, Thakur, Sharad, and Kaur, Satwinderjeet (2020) Onosma bracteata Wall. induces G₀/G₁ arrest and apoptosis in MG-63 human osteosarcoma cells via ROS generation and AKT/GSK3β/cyclin E pathway. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 28. pp. 14983-15004.

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Niogret, Jerome, Kendra, Paul E., Ekayanti, Arni, Zhang, Aijun, Marelli, Jean Philippe, Tabanca, Nurhayat, and Epsky, Nancy (2022) Development of a Kairomone-Based Attractant as a Monitoring Tool for the Cocoa Pod Borer, Conopomorpha cramerella (Snellen) (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae). Insects, 13 (9). 813.

Niogret, Jerome, Ekayanti, Arni, and Zhang, Aijun (2022) Sex Pheromone of Cocoa Pod Borer, Conopomorpha cramerella: Field Activity Evaluation of Pheromone Formulations in an Indonesia Plantation. Insects, 13 (8). 663.


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Sharifpour, Mohammad Farouq, Khadiv, Shadi, Meissner, Markus, and McAllister, Milton M. (2021) A GRA2 minimal promoter improves the efficiency of TATi / Tet-Off conditional regulation of gene expression in Toxoplasma gondii. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, 244. 111384.

Sun, Biyun, Musgrave, Ian F., Day, Anthony I., Heimann, Kirsten, Keene, F. Richard, and Collins, J. Grant (2018) Eukaryotic cell toxicity and HSA binding of [Ru(Me4phen)(bb7)]2+ and the effect of encapsulation in cucurbit[10]uril. Frontiers in Chemistry, 6. 595.


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F., Caruso, Sarah, Chamley, Lawrence W., Chang, Yu-Ting, Chaudhuri, Amrita Datta, Chen, Chihchen, Chen, Shuai, Cheng, Lesley, Chin, Andrew R., Clayton, Aled, Clerici, Stefano P., Cocks, Alex, Cocucci, Emanuele, Coffey, Robert J., Cordeiro-da-Silva, Anabela, Couch, Yvonne, Coumans, Frank A. W., Coyle, Beth, Crescitelli, Rossella, Criado, Miria Ferreira, D'Souza-Schorey, Crislyn, Das, Saumya, de Candia, Paola, De Santana Junior, Eliezer F., De Wever, Olivier, del Portillo, Hernando A., Demaret, Tanguy, Deville, Sarah, Devitt, Andrew, Dhondt, Bert, Di Vizio, Dolores, Dieterich, Lothar C., Dolo, Vincenza, Dominguez Rubio, Ana Paula, Dominici, Massimo, Dourado, Mauricio R., Driedonks, Tom A. P., Duarte, Filipe, Duncan, Heather M., Eichenberger, Ramon M., Ekstrom, Karin, Andaloussi, Samir E. L., Elie-Caille, Celine, Erdbrugger, Uta, Falcon-Perez, Juan M., Fatima, Farah, Fish, Jason E., Flores-Bellver, Miguel, Forsonits, Andras, Frelet-Barrand, Annie, Fricke, Fabia, Fuhrmann, Gregor, Gabrielsson, Susanne, Gamez-Valero, Ana, Gardiner, Chris, Gaertner, Kathrin, Gaudin, Raphael, Gho, Yong Song, Giebel, Bernd, Gilbert, Caroline, Gimona, Mario, Giusti, Ilaria, Goberdhan, Deborah C., Goergens, Andre, Gorski, Sharon M., Greening, David W., Gross, Julia Christina, Gualerzi, Alice, Gupta, Gopal N., Gustafson, Dakota, Handberg, Aase, Haraszti, Reka A., Harrison, Paul, Hegyesi, Hargita, Hendrix, An, Hill, Andrew F., Hochberg, Fred H., Hoffmann, Karl F., Holder, Beth, Holthofer, Harry, Hosseinkhani, Baharak, Hu, Guoku, Huang, Yiyao, Huber, Veronica, Hunt, Stuart, Ibrahim, Ahmed Gamal-Eldin, Ikezu, Tsuneya, Inal, Jameel M., Isin, Mustafa, Ivanova, Alena, Jackson, Hannah K., Jacobsen, Soren, Jay, Steven M., Jayachandran, Muthuvel, Jenster, Guido, Jiang, Lanzhou, Johnson, Suzanne M., Jones, Jennifer C., Jong, Ambrose, Jovanovic-Talisman, Tijana, Jung, Stephanie, Kalluri, Raghu, Kano, Shin-ichi, Kaur, Sukhbir, Kawamura, Yumi, Keller, Evan T., Khamari, Delaram, Khomyakova, Elena, Khvorova, Anastasia, Kierulf, Peter, Kim, Kwang Pyo, Kislinger, Thomas, Klingeborn, Mikael, Klinke, David J., Kornek, Miroslaw, Kosanovic, Maja M., Kovacs, Arpad Ferenc, Kraemer-Albers, Eva-Maria, Krasemann, Susanne, Krause, Mirja, Kurochkin, Igor, Kusuma, Gina D., Kuypers, Soren, Laitinen, Saara, Langevin, Scott M., Languino, Lucia R., Lannigan, Joanne, Lasser, Cecilia, Laurent, Louise C., Lavieu, Gregory, Lazaro-Ibanez, Elisa, Le Lay, Soazig, Lee, Myung-Shin, Lee, Yi Xin Fiona, Lemos, Debora S., Lenassi, Metka, Leszczynska, Aleksandra, Li, Isaac T. S., Liao, Ke, Libregts, Sten F., Ligeti, Erzsebet, Lim, Rebecca, Lim, Sai Kiang, Line, Aija, Linnemannstoens, Karen, Llorente, Alicia, Lombard, Catherine A., Lorenowicz, Magdalena J., Lorincz, Akos M., Lotvall, Jan, Lovett, Jason, Lowry, Michelle C., Loyer, Xavier, Lu, Quan, Lukomska, Barbara, Lunavat, Taral R., Maas, Sybren L. N., Malhi, Harmeet, Marcilla, Antonio, Mariani, Jacopo, Mariscal, Javier, Martens-Uzunova, Elena S., Martin-Jaular, Lorena, Martinez, M. Carmen, Martins, Vilma Regina, Mathieu, Mathilde, Mathivanan, Suresh, Maugeri, Marco, McGinnis, Lynda K., McVey, Mark J., Meckes, David G., Meehan, Katie L., Mertens, Inge, Minciacchi, Valentina R., Moller, Andreas, Jorgensen, Malene Moller, Morales-Kastresana, Aizea, Morhayim, Jess, Mullier, Francois, Muraca, Maurizio, Musante, Luca, Mussack, Veronika, Muth, Dillon C., Myburgh, Kathryn H., Najrana, Tanbir, Nawaz, Muhammad, Nazarenko, Irina, Nejsum, Peter, Neri, Christian, Neri, Tommaso, Nieuwland, Rienk, Nimrichter, Leonardo, Nolan, John P., Hoen, Esther N. M. Nolte-'t, Hooten, Nicole Noren, O'Driscoll, Lorraine, O'Grady, Tina, O'Loghlen, Ana, Ochiya, Takahiro, Olivier, Martin, Ortiz, Alberto, Ortiz, Luis A., Osteikoetxea, Xabier, Ostegaard, Ole, Ostrowski, Matias, Park, Jaesung, Pegtel, D. Michiel, Peinado, Hector, Perut, Francesca, Pfaffl, Michael W., Phinney, Donald G., Pieters, Bartijn C. H., Pink, Ryan C., Pisetsky, David S., von Strandmann, Elke Pogge, Polakovicova, Iva, Poon, Ivan K. H., Powell, Bonita H., Prada, Ilaria, Pulliam, Lynn, Quesenberry, Peter, Radeghieri, Annalisa, Raffai, Robert L., Raimondo, Stefania, Rak, Janusz, Ramirez, Marcel, Raposo, Graca, Rayyan, Morsi S., Regev-Rudzki, Neta, Ricklefs, Franz L., Robbins, Paul D., Roberts, David D., Rodrigues, Silvia C., Rohde, Eva, Rome, Sophie, Rouschop, Kasper M. A., Rughetti, Aurelia, Russell, Ashley E., Saa, Paula, Sahoo, Susmita, Salas-Huenuleo, Edison, Sanchez, Catherine, Saugstad, Julie A., Saul, Meike J., Schiffelers, Raymond M., Schneider, Raphael, Schoyen, Tine Hiorth, Scott, Aaron, Shahaj, Eriomina, Sharma, Shivani, Shatnyeva, Olga, Shekari, Faezeh, Shelke, Ganesh Vilas, Shetty, Ashok K., Shiba, Kiyotaka, Siljander, Pia R-M, Silva, Andreia M., Skowronek, Agata, Snyder, Orman L., Soares, Rodrigo Pedro, Sodar, Barbara W., Soekmadji, Carolina, Sotillo, Javier, Stahl, Philip D., Stoorvogel, Willem, Stott, Shannon L., Strasser, Erwin F., Swift, Simon, Tahara, Hidetoshi, Tewari, Muneesh, Timms, Kate, Tiwari, Swasti, Tixeira, Rochelle, Tkach, Mercedes, Toh, Wei Seong, Tomasini, Richard, Torrecilhas, Ana Claudia, Pablo Tosar, Juan, Toxavidis, Vasilis, Urbanelli, Lorena, Vader, Pieter, van Balkom, Bas W. M., van der Grein, Susanne G., Van Deun, Jan, van Herwijnen, Martijn J. 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