Publications by: María Eugenia Castellanos

Also publishes as ( Subpatent Malaria in Pregnancy Group, Maru Eugenia Castellanos, Maru E. Castellanos, Maria Eugenia Castellanos Reynosa, Maria Eugenia Castellanos, Maria E. Castellanos Reynosa, Maria E. Castellanos, Maria Castellanos Reynosa, M.E. Castellanos Reynosa, M.E. Castellanos)

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Carroll, Siobhan C., Castellanos, Maria Eugenia, Stevenson, Robyn A., and Henning, Lars (2024) Incidence and risk factors for travellers’ diarrhoea among short-term international adult travellers from high-income countries: a systematic review with meta-analysis of cohort studies. Journal of Travel Medicine. taae008. (In Press)

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