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Bright, Richard, Hayles, Andrew, Wood, Jonathan, Ninan, Neethu, Palms, Dennis, Visalakshan, Rahul M., Burzava, Anouck, Brown, Toby, Barker, Dan, and Vasilev, Krasimir (2022) Bio-Inspired Nanostructured Ti-6Al-4V Alloy: The Role of Two Alkaline Etchants and the Hydrothermal Processing Duration on Antibacterial Activity. Nanomaterials, 12. 1140.

Bright, Richard, Fernandes, Daniel, Wood, Jonathan, Palms, Dennis, Burzava, Anouck, Ninan, Neethu, Brown, Toby, Barker, Dan, and Vasilev, Krasimir (2022) Long-term antibacterial properties of a nanostructured titanium alloy surface: An in vitro study. Materials Today Bio, 13. 100176.

Bright, Richard, Hayles, Andrew, Wood, Jonathan, Palms, Dennis, Brown, Toby, Barker, Dan, and Vasilev, Krasimir (2022) Surfaces Containing Sharp Nanostructures Enhance Antibiotic Efficacy. Nano Letters, 22 (16). pp. 6724-6731.


Gummow, Rosalind June (2016) Li₂MnSiO₄ nanostructured cathodes for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. In: Ozoemena , Kenneth I., and Chen, Shaowei, (eds.) Nanomaterials in Advanced Batteries and Supercapacitors. Nanostructure Science and Technology . Springer, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 25-54.


Hayles, Andrew, Bright, Richard, Hasan, Jafar, Wood, Jonathan, Palms, Dennis, Barker, Dan, and Vasilev, Krasimir (2022) Dual Species Bacterial Challenge of a Biomimetic Nanostructured Surface. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 9 (32). 2201583.

Haidari, Hanif, Bright, Richard, Kopecki, Zlatko, Zilm, Peter S., Garg, Sanjay, Cowin, Allison J., Vasilev, Krasimir, and Goswami, Nirmal (2022) Polycationic Silver Nanoclusters Comprising Nanoreservoirs of Ag+ Ions with High Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Activity. Applied Materials and Interfaces, 14 (1). pp. 390-403.

Hayles, Andrew, Bright, Richard, Wood, Jonathan, Palms, Dennis, Zilm, Peter, Brown, Toby, Barker, Dan, and Vasilev, Krasimir (2022) Spiked Nanostructures Disrupt Fungal Biofilm and Impart Increased Sensitivity to Antifungal Treatment. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 9 (12). 2102353.

Hayles, Andrew, Hasan, Jafar, Bright, Richard, Wood, Jonathan, Palms, Dennis, Zilm, Peter, Barker, Dan, and Vasilev, Krasimir (2022) Spiked Titanium Nanostructures That Inhibit Anaerobic Dental Pathogens. ACS Applied Nano Materials, 5 (9). pp. 12051-12062.

He, Ziguo, Liu, Shengjun, Zhang, Cheng, Fan, Liyuan, Zhang, Jian, Chen, Qian, Sun, Yudie, He, Lifang, Wang, Zhicai, and Zhang, Kui (2021) Coal based carbon dots: recent advances in synthesis, properties, and applications. Nano Select, 2 (9). pp. 1589-1604.


Jones, Claire F., Quarrington, Ryan D., Tsangari, Helen, Starczak, Yolandi, Mulaibrahimovic, Adnan, Burzava, Anouck L.S., Christou, Chris, Barker, Alex J., Morel, James, Bright, Richard, Barker, Dan, Brown, Toby, Vasilev, Krasimir, and Anderson, Paul H. (2022) A Novel Nanostructured Surface on Titanium Implants Increases Osseointegration in a Sheep Model. Clinical orthopaedics and related research, 480 (11). pp. 2232-2250.


Liu, Xujie, Yuan, Jiongpeng, Zhang, Jian, Visalakshan, Rahul Madathiparambil, Wang, Wenxia, Xiang, Yongxiao, He, Yan, Feng, Qingling, and Vasilev, Krasimir (2022) The introduction of nanotopography suppresses bacterial adhesion and enhances osteoinductive capacity of plasma deposited polyoxazoline surface. Materials Letters, 309. 131452.

Li, Yuye, Liu, Dong, Zhu, Chengxi, Wang, Meng, Liu, Yang, and You, Tianyan (2021) A ratiometry-induced successive reusable electrochemical aptasensing platform: efficient monitoring of aflatoxin B1 in peanut. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 336. 129021.


Truong, Vi Khanh, Al Kobaisi, Mohammad, Vasilev, Krasimir, Cozzolino, Daniel, and Chapman, James (2022) Current perspectives for engineering antimicrobial nanostructured materials. Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering, 23. 100399.


Weerasinghe, Janith, Scott, James, Deshan, Athukoralalage Don K., Chen, Dechao, Singh, Amandeep, Sen, , Sonar, Prashant, Vasilev, Krasimir, Li, Qin, and Ostrikov, Kostya (2022) Monochromatic Blue and Switchable Blue-Green Carbon Quantum Dots by Room-Temperature Air Plasma Processing. Advanced Materials Technologies, 7 (4). 2100586.

Wood, Jonathan, Hayles, Andrew, Bright, Richard, Palms, Dennis, Vasilev, Krasimir, and Hasan, Jafar (2022) Nanomechanical tribological characterisation of nanostructured titanium alloy surfaces using AFM: A friction vs velocity study. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 217. 112600.


Zafar, M. Adeel, Liu, Yang, Hernandez, Francisco C.Robles, Varghese, Oomman K., and Jacob, Mohan V. (2023) Plasma-Based Synthesis of Freestanding Graphene from a Natural Resource for Sensing Application. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 10 (11). 2202399.

Zafar, Muhammad Adeel (2023) Sustainable synthesis of graphene-based materials and applications. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Zafar, Muhammad Adeel, Liu, Yang, Allende, Scarlett, and Jacob, Mohan V. (2022) Electrochemical sensing of oxalic acid using silver nanoparticles loaded nitrogen-doped graphene oxide. Carbon Trends, 8. 100188.

Zafar, Muhammad Adeel, and Jacob, Mohan V. (2022) Synthesis of free-standing graphene in atmospheric pressure microwave plasma for the oil-water separation application. Applied Surface Science Advances, 11. 100312.

Zhang, Lipeng, Mu, Jiechen, Wang, Zhao, Li, Guomin, Zhang, Yanling, and He, Yinghe (2016) One-pot synthesis of NiO/C composite nanoparticles as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 671. pp. 60-65.

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