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Akter, Mahmuda, Kabir, Mohammad Humayun, Alam, Mohammad Ashraful, Al Mashuk, Hammadullah, Rahman, Mohammad Mizanur, Alam, Mohammad Saiful, Brodie, Graham, Islam, S.M. Mofijul, Gaihre, Yam Kanta, and Rahman, Golum Kibria Muhammad Mustafizur (2023) Geospatial Visualization and Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Rice Soil of a Newly Developed Industrial Zone in Bangladesh. Sustainability, 15 (9). 7208.


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Zhang, Yan, Li, Qian, Liu, Xiaoliang, Yin, Huaqun, Yang, Yongbin, Xu, Bin, Jiang, Tao, and He, Yinghe (2020) The catalytic effect of copper ion in the bioleaching of arsenopyrite by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans in 9K culture medium. Journal of Cleaner Production, 256. 120391.

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