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Dada, Tewodros Kassa (2023) Investigation of novel mono- and bimetallic catalysts for high quality bio-oil production using biomass co-pyrolysis. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Dada, Tewodros Kassa, Sheehan, Madoc, Murugavelh, S., and Antunes, Elsa (2023) A review on catalytic pyrolysis for high-quality bio-oil production from biomass. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 13. pp. 2595-2614.

Dharma Patria, Raffel, Rehman, Shazia, Vuppaladadiyam, Arun K., Wang, Huaimin, Lin, Carol Sze Ki, Antunes, Elsa, and Leu, Shao-Yuan (2022) Bioconversion of food and lignocellulosic wastes employing sugar platform: A review of enzymatic hydrolysis and kinetics. Bioresource Technology, 352. 127083.

Dos Santos Antunes, Elsa, Vuppaladadiyam, Arun, Kumar, Ravinder, Vuppaladadiyam, Varsha, Sarmah, Ajit, Islam, Md Anwarul, and Dada, Tewodros Kassa (2022) A circular economy approach for phosphorus removal using algae biochar. Cleaner and Circular Bioeconomy, 1. 100005.

Dada, Tewodros Kassa, Islam, Md Anwarul, Vuppaladadiyam, Arun K., and Antunes, Elsa (2021) Thermo-catalytic co-pyrolysis of ironbark sawdust and plastic waste over strontium loaded hierarchical Y-zeolite. Journal of Environmental Management, 299. 113610.


Faheem, Hafiz Hamza, Britt, Ben, Rocha, Mateus, Zhou, Shou-Han, Li, Chao'en, Cai, Weiwei, and Fan, Liyuan (2024) Sensitivity analysis and process optimization for biomass processing in an integrated gasifier-solid oxide fuel cell system. Fuel, 356. 129529.

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Fan, Liyuan, Mokhov, Anatoli, Saadabadi, S. Ali, Brandon, Nigel, and Aravind, Purushothaman Vellayani (2021) Methane steam reforming reaction in solid oxide fuel cells: influence of electrochemical reaction and anode thickness. Journal of Power Sources, 507. 230276.


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He, Jing, Strezov, Vladimir, Zhou, Xiaoteng, Kumar, Ravinder, Weldekidan, Haftom, and Kan, Tao (2021) Effects of co-pyrolysis of heavy metal contaminated biomass with magnesium carbonate on heavy metal deportment and pyrolytic product properties. Fuel, 294. p. 120545.

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Kan, Tao, Strezov, Vladimir, Evans, Tim, Kumar, Ravinder, He, Jing, Zhou, Xiaoteng, Ren, Jiawei, and Lu, Qiang (2021) Catalytic pyrolysis of biomass impregnated with elements from steelmaking slag leaching and simultaneous fabrication of phosphorus adsorbent. Journal of Cleaner Production, 328. p. 129490.

Kumar, Ravinder, Strezov, Vladimir, Kan, Tao, Weldekidan, Haftom, He, Jing, and Jahan, Sayka (2020) Investigating the effect of mono- and bimetallic/zeolite catalysts on hydrocarbon production during bio-oil upgrading from ex situ pyrolysis of biomass. Energy and Fuels, 34 (1). pp. 389-400.

Kumar, R., Strezov, V., Weldikidan, H., He, J., Singh, S., Kan, T., and Dastjerdi, B. (2020) Lignocellulose biomass pyrolysis for bio-oil production: A review of biomass pre-treatment methods for production of drop-in fuels. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 123. 109763.

Kumar, Ravinder, Strezov, Vladimir, Lovell, Emma, Kan, Tao, Weldekidan, Haftom, He, Jing, Dastjerdi, Behnam, and Scott, Jason (2019) Bio-oil upgrading with catalytic pyrolysis of biomass using Copper/zeolite-Nickel/zeolite and Copper-Nickel/zeolite catalysts. Bioresource Technology, 279. pp. 404-409.

Kumar, Ravinder, Strezov, Vladimir, Lovell, Emma, Kan, Tao, Weldekidan, Haftom, He, Jing, Jahan, Sayka, Dastjerdi, Behnam, and Scott, Jason (2019) Enhanced bio-oil deoxygenation activity by Cu/zeolite and Ni/zeolite catalysts in combined in-situ and ex-situ biomass pyrolysis. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 140. pp. 148-160.

Kumar, Ravinder, Strezov, Vladimir, Kan, Tao, Weldekidan, Haftom, and He, Jing (2019) Investigating the effect of Cu/zeolite on deoxygenation of bio-oil from pyrolysis of pine wood. In: Energy Procedia (160) pp. 186-193. From: 2nd International Conference on Energy and Power, ICEP2018, 13–15 December 2018, Sydney, Australia.


Lane, Daniel J., Truong, Ewan, Larizza, Francesca, Chiew, Precilla, de Nys, Rocky, and van Eyk, Philip J. (2018) Effect of hydrothermal carbonization on the combustion and gasification behavior of agricultural residues and macroalgae: devolatilization characteristics and char reactivity. Energy & Fuels, 32 (4). pp. 4149-4159.


Nylen, Julian, and Sheehan, Madoc (2023) Review of the Integration of Drying and Thermal Treatment Processes for Energy Efficient Reduction of Contaminants and Beneficial Reuse of Wastewater Treatment Plant Biosolids. Energies, 16 (4). 1964.


Sasidhar, K.B., Somasundaram, Murugavelh, Yesuraj, K., Hariharan, S., Antunes, Elsa, Ekambaram, Porpatham, and Kumar Arumugam, Senthil (2023) Optimization and production of renewable fuels from waste cooking oil and low-density polyethylene: Evaluating fuel properties and techno-economic feasibility of diesel replacement. Energy Conversion and Management, 294. 117558.

Sikarwar, Vineet Singh, Peela, Nageswara Rao, Vuppaladadiyam, Arun Krishna, Ferreira, Newton Libanio, Mašláni, Alan, Tomar, Ritik, Pohořelý, Michael, Meers, Erik, and Jeremiáš, Michal (2022) Thermal plasma gasification of organic waste stream coupled with CO2-sorption enhanced reforming employing different sorbents for enhanced hydrogen production. RSC Advances, 12 (10). pp. 6122-6132.

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Vuppaladadiyam, Arun K., Antunes, Elsa, Vuppaladadiyam, Varsha S.S., Shehzad, Farrukh, Somasundaram, Murugavelh, Memon, Muhammad Z., Song, Qingbin, Dong, Weiguo, and Duan, Hubao (2022) Discernment of synergy during the co-pyrolysis of lipid-extracted microalgae and digested municipal solid waste: a thermogravimetric–mass spectrometric study. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 97 (2). pp. 490-500.

Vuppaladadiyam, Arun K., Vuppaladadiyam, Varsha S.S., Antunes, Elsa, Baig, Zenab, Rehman, Shazia, Murugavelh, S., Leu, Shao-Yaun, and Sarmah, Ajit K. (2022) Pyrolysis of anaerobic digested residues in the presence of catalyst-sorbent bifunctional material: Pyrolysis characteristics, kinetics and evolved gas analysis. Bioresource Technology, 351. 127022.


Weldekidan, Haftom, Strezov, Vladimir, Li, Rui, Kan, Tao, Town, Graham, Kumar, Ravinder, He, Jing, and Flamant, Gilles (2020) Distribution of solar pyrolysis products and product gas composition produced from agricultural residues and animal wastes at different operating parameters. Renewable Energy, 151. pp. 1102-1109.

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Zhu, Youjian, Van Eyk, Philip, Boman, Christoffer, Brostrom, Markus, Kirtania, Kawnish, Piotrowska, Patrycja, Bostrom, Dan, de Nys, Rocky, Bhattacharya, Sankar, Gentili, Francesco, and Ashman, Peter (2018) Preliminary understanding on the ash behavior of algae during cogasification in an entrained flow reactor. Fuel Processing Technology, 175. pp. 26-34.

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