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Reckermann, Marcus, Omstedt, Anders, Soomere, Tarmo, Aigars, Juris, Akhtar, Naveed, Bełdowska, Magdalena, Bełdowski, Jacek, Cronin, Tom, Czub, Michał, Eero, Margit, Hyytiäinen, Kari Petri, Jalkanen, Jukka Pekka, Kiessling, Anders, Kjellström, Erik, Kuliński, Karol, Larsén, Xiaoli Guo, McCrackin, Michelle, Meier, H.E.Markus, Oberbeckmann, Sonja, Parnell, Kevin, Pons-Seres De Brauwer, Cristian, Poska, Anneli, Saarinen, Jarkko, Szymczycha, Beata, Undeman, Emma, Wörman, Anders, and Zorita, Eduardo (2022) Human impacts and their interactions in the Baltic Sea region. Earth System Dynamics, 13 (1).

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Book Chapter

Morgan, Damian (2018) Counting beach visitors: tools, methods and management applications. In: Botero, Camilo M., Cervantes, Omar, and Finkl, Charles W., (eds.) Beach Management Tools - concepts, methodologies and case studies. Coastal Research Library, 24 (24). Springer International Publishing, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 561-578.


Herrera Acosta, César Augusto (2021) Biodiversity beyond species census: assessing organisms' traits and functional attributes using computer vision. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

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