Publications by: Harindra D. Sathkumara

Also publishes as (Harindra Sathkumara Mudiyanselage, Harindra Dharshan Sathkumara, Harindra Darshana Sathkumara, Harindra D. Sathkumara Mudiyanse, H.D. Sathkumara Mudiyanselage)

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Heijmenberg, Isis, Husain, Aliabbas, Sathkumara Mudiyanse, Harindra D., Muruganandah, Visai, Seifert, Julia, Miranda-Hernandez, Socorro, Kashyap, Rajpal Singh, Field, Matt A., Krishnamoorthy, Gopinath, and Kupz, Andreas (2021) ESX-5-targeted export of ESAT-6 in BCG combines enhanced immunogenicity & efficacy against murine tuberculosis with low virulence and reduced persistence. Vaccine, 39 (50). pp. 7265-7276.

Jayasinghearachch, Himali S., Francis, Vaithehi R., Sathkumara, Harindra D., Krishnananthasivam, Shivankari, Masakorala, Jayanthi, Muthugama, Thilini, De Silva, Aruna, and Enoka, Corea (2021) Nonclonal Burkholderia pseudomallei Population in Melioidosis Case Cluster, Sri Lanka. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 27 (11). pp. 2955-22957.

Sathkumara, Harindra D., Eaton, Janet L., Field, Matt A., Govan, Brenda L., Ketheesan, Natkunam, and Kupz, Andreas (2021) A murine model of tuberculosis/type 2 diabetes comorbidity for investigating the microbiome, metabolome and associated immune parameters. Animal Models and Experimental Medicine, 4 (2). pp. 181-188.

Sathkumara, Harindra D., Hansen, Karyina, Miranda-Hernandez, Socorro, Govan, Brenda, Rush, Catherine M., Henning, Lars, Ketheesan, Natkunam, and Kupz, Andreas (2020) Disparate effects of metformin on Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in diabetic and nondiabetic mice. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 65 (1). e01422-20.

Sathkumara, Harindra D., Muruganandah, Visai, Cooper, Martha M., Field, Matt A., Alim, Md Abdul, Brosch, Roland, Ketheesan, Natkunam, Govan, Brenda, Rush, Catherine M., Henning, Lars, and Kupz, Andreas (2020) Mucosal delivery of ESX-1–expressing BCG strains provides superior immunity against tuberculosis in murine type 2 diabetes. National Academy of Sciences. Proceedings, 117 (34). pp. 20848-20859.

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Jayasinghearachchi, Himali S., Corea, Enoka M., Krishnananthasivam, Shivankari, Sathkumara, Harindra D., Francis, Vaithehi R., Abeysekere, Thimirangi R., and De Silva, Aruna Dharshan (2019) Whole-genome sequences of eight clinical isolates of Burkholderia pseudomallei from melioidosis patients in Eastern Sri Lanka. Microbiology Resource Announcements, 8 (33). e0064519-19.

Sathkumara, Harindra D., Merritt, Adam, Corea, Enoka, Krishnananthasivam, Shivankari, Natesan, Mohan, Inglis, Timothy J.J., and De Silva, Aruna (2018) Clinical, Bacteriologic, and Geographic Stratification of Melioidosis Emerges from the Sri Lankan National Surveillance Program. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 98 (2). pp. 607-615.

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Mohan, Natesan, Corea, Enoka, Krishnananthasivam, Shivankari, Sathkumara, Harindra Darshana, Dankmeyer, Jennifer, Dyas, Beverly K., Amemiya, Kei, De Silva, Aruna, and Ulrich, Robert G. (2017) Calprotectin as a Biomarker for Melioidosis Disease Progression and Management. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 55. pp. 1205-1210.

Krishnananthasivam, Shivankari, Sathkumara, Harindra Dharshan, Corea, Enoka, Natesan, Mohan, and De Silva, Aruna Dharshan (2017) Gene Expression Profile of Human Cytokines in Response to Burkholderia pseudomallei Infection. mSphere, 2 (2). e00121-17.

Krishnananthasivam, Shivankari, Jayathilaka, Nimanthi, Sathkumara, Harindra Darshana, Corea, Enoka, Natesan, Mohan, and De Silva, Aruna (2017) Host gene expression analysis in Sri Lankan melioidosis patients. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 11 (6). e0005643.

Sathkumara Mudiyanselage, H.D., De Silva, N.R., Handunnetti, S., and De Silva, A.D. (2015) Genetics of common variable immunodeficiency: role of transmembrane activator and calcium modulator and cyclophilin ligand interactor. International Journal of Immunogenetics, 42 (4). pp. 239-253.

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