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Also publishes as (C. Rudd, C. D. Rudd, Christopher D. Rudd, Chris D. Rudd)

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Khalili, Pooria, Liu, Xiaoling, Tshai, Kim Yeow, Rudd, Chris, Yi, Xiaosu, and Kong, Ing (2019) Development of fire retardancy of natural fiber composite encouraged by a synergy between zinc borate and ammonium polyphosphate. Composites Part B: Engineering, 159. pp. 165-172.

Rudd, Chris, Shi, Baiyang, and Yang, Jian (2019) On vibration transmission in oscillating systems incorporating bilinear stiffness and damping elements. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 150. pp. 458-470.

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Zhu, Chenkai, Ahmed, Ifty, Parsons, Andrew, Wang, Yunqi, Tan, Chao, Liu, Jingsong, Rudd, Chris, and Liu, Xiaoling (2018) Novel bioresorbable phosphate glass fiber textile composites for medical applications. Polymer Composites, 39 (S1). E140-E151.

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Zhu, Chenkai, Liu, Jonsong, Huang, Songlin, Rudd, Chris, and Liu, Xiaoling (2018) The structure, degradation and fibre drawing properties of phosphate based glass fiber: the effects of Fe03 and B203 addition. Ceramics-Silikaty, 62 (2). pp. 111-120.

Wong, Kok, Rudd, Chris, Pickering, Steve, and Liu, XiaoLing (2017) Composites recycling solutions for the aviation industry. Science China Technological Sciences, 60 (9). pp. 1291-1300.

Chen, Menghao, Lu, Jiawa, Felfel, Reda M., Parsons, Andrew J., Irvine, Derek J., Rudd, Christopher D., and Ahmed, Ifty (2017) Wet and dry flexural high cycle fatigue behaviour of fully bioresorbable glass fibre composites: in-situ polymerisation versus laminate stacking. Composites Science and Technology, 150.

Ahmed, I., Han, N., Qureshi, A., Parsons, A., Scotchford, C., Scammell, B., and Rudd, C. (2013) Bioresorbable composite bone fracture repair plates: manufacture and characterisation. In: [Proceedings of the International Conference on Composite Science and Technology]. pp. 986-988. From: 9th International Conference on Composite Science and Technology, 24-26 April 2016, Sorrento, Italy.

Liu, Xiaoling, Grant, David M., Parsons, Andrew J., Harper, Lee T., Rudd, Chris D., and Ahmed, Ifty (2013) Magnesium coated bioresorbable phosphate glass fibres: investigation of the interface between fibre and polyester matrices. BioMed Research International, 2013. 735981.

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