Publications by: Waldo G. Nuez-Ortín

Also publishes as (Waldo Nuez Ortin, Waldo Nuez-Ortín, Waldo G. Nuez Ortín, Waldo G. Nuez-Ortin, W. Nuez-Ortín, W.G. Nuez-Ortín)

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Jiang, Jufeng, Nuez Ortin, Waldo, Angell, Alex, Zeng, Chaoshu, de Nys, Rocky, and Vucko, Matthew (2019) Enhancing the colouration of the marine ornamental fish Pseudochromis fridmani using natural and synthetic sources of astaxanthin. Algal Research, 42. 101596.

Nuez-Ortín, Waldo G., Carter, Chris G., Nichols, Peter D., Cooke, Ira R., and Wilson, Richard (2018) Liver proteome response of pre-harvest Atlantic salmon following exposure to elevated temperature. BMC Genomics, 19. 133.

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Nuez Ortin, Waldo, Carter, Chris G., Wilson, Richard, Cooke, Ira, and Nichols, Peter D. (2016) Preliminary validation of a high docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and -linolenic acid (ALA) dietary oil blend: tissue fatty acid composition and liver proteome response in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolts. PLoS ONE, 11 (8). e0161513. pp. 1-27.

Nuez Ortín, Waldo G., Carter, Chris G., Nichols, Peter D., and Wilson, Richard (2016) Sequential protein extraction as an efficient method for improved proteome coverage in larvae of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar). Proteomics, 16 (14). pp. 2043-2047.

Robles, R., Lozano, A.B., Sevilla, A., Marquez, L., Nuez-Ortín, W., and Moyano, F.J. (2013) Effect of partially protected butyrate used as feed additive on growth and intestinal metabolism in sea bream (Sparus aurata). Fish Physiology and Biochemistry, 39 (6). pp. 1567-1580.

Nuez-Ortín, Waldo G. (2013) Natural growth promoters in aquaculture practices. In: Sieiro Piñeiro, Maria Pilar, Vazquez Ferreiro, Uxía, Estévez Calvar, Noelia, and Maroto Leal, Julio, (eds.) New Additives and Ingredients in the Formulation of Aquafeeds. Centro Tecnológico del Mar-Fundación, Pontevedra, Spain, pp. 9-26.

Nuez-Ortín, Waldo G., and Yu, Peiqiang (2011) Modelling the metabolic characteristics of proteins in dairy cattle from co-products of bioethanol processing: comparison of the NRC 2001 model with the DVE/OEB system. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 91 (3). pp. 405-411.

Nuez-Ortín, Waldo, and Yu, Peiqiang (2011) Using the NRC chemical summary and biological approaches to predict energy values of new co-product from bio-ethanol production for dairy cows. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 170 (3-4). pp. 165-170.

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Yu, Peiqiang, and Nuez-Ortín, Waldo (2010) Relationship of protein molecular structure to metabolisable proteins in different types of dried distillers grains with solubles: a novel approach. British Journal of Nutrition, 104 (10). pp. 1429-1437.

Nuez-Ortín, Waldo G., and Yu, Peiqiang (2009) Nutrient variation and availability of wheat DDGS, corn DDGS and blend DDGS from bioethanol plants. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 89 (10). pp. 1754-1761.

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