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Also publishes as (S.G. Downing, S. Downing, Sandra Gaye Downing, Sandra G. Downing)

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Downing, Sandra G., Wright, Rebecca, Marquardt, Tonia, and Callander, Emily (2018) Use of fetal fibronectin testing in women transferred for threatened preterm labour in remote far north Queensland. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. (In Press)

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Downing, Sandra, and Cashman, Colette (2016) Chlamydia retest: how should we remind you? Sexually Transmitted Infections, 92 (7). p. 553.

Downing, Sandra, and Noonan, Sara (2014) Support for GPs in the fight against ARF and RHD. Cardiology Today, 4 (4). pp. 28-30.

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Downing, Sandra Gaye, Cashman, Colette, McNamee, Heather, Penney, Debbie, Russell, Darren B., and Hellard, Margaret E. (2013) Increasing chlamydia test of re-infection rates using SMS reminders and incentives. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, 89 (1). pp. 16-19.

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Fagan, Patricia S., Downing, Sandra G., McCall, Bradley J., Carroll, Heidi J., Howard, Therese M., and Palmer, Cheryn M. (2013) Enhanced surveillance for gonorrhoea in two diverse settings in Queensland in the 2000s: comparative epidemology and selected management outcomes. Communicable Diseases Intelligence, 37 (3). E253-E259.

Du Cros, Phillip, Meredith, Caitlin, Thomson, Kerry, Downing, Sandra, Cooney, Lauren, Siddiqui, M. Ruby, and Cramond, Vanessa (2013) Is it time to stop being crude? Elderly mortality rates in a refugee camp in Maban County, South Sudan. In: [Presented at the Medécins sans Frontieres Scientific Day 2013. From: Medecins sans Frontieres Scientific Day 2013, 10 May 2013, London, UK.

Downing, Sandra G., Payze, Chris, Doyle-Adams, Simon, and Gorton, Carla (2011) Emergency contraception over-the-counter: practices and attitudes of pharmacists and pharmacy assistants in far North Queensland. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 51 (6). pp. 527-531.

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Downing, Sandra, McNamee, Heather, Penney, Debbie, Leamy, Joanne, de Costa, Caroline, and Russell, Darren B. (2010) Three years on: a review of medical terminations of pregnancy performed in a sexual health service. Sexual Health, 7 (2). pp. 212-215.

Downing, Sandra, Adamopolous, Jim, Cameron, Scott, and Hellard, Margaret (2008) An outbreak of Salmonella typhimurium phage type 135 at a family Christmas Day gathering. Victorian Infectious Diseases Bulletin, 11 (3). pp. 66-68.

Downing, S.G., Lagani, W., Guy, R., and Hellard, M. (2008) Barriers to the delivery of the hepatitis B birth dose: a study of five Papua New Guinean hospitals. Papua New Guinea Medical Journal, 51 (1-2). pp. 47-55.

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