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Chng, Lena, Holt, Deborah C., Field, Matt, Francis, Joshua R., Tilakaratne, Dev, Dekkers, Milou H., Robinson, Greg, Mounsey, Kate, Pavlos, Rebecca, Bowen, Asha C., Fischer, Katja, Papenfuss, Anthony T., Gasser, Robin B., Korhonen, Pasi K., Currie, Bart J., McCarthy, James S., and Pasay, Cielo (2021) Molecular diagnosis of scabies using a novel probe-based polymerase chain reaction assay targeting high-copy number repetitive sequences in the Sarcoptes scabiei genome. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 15 (2). e0009149.


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Pearson, Mark S., Tedla, Bemnet A., Mekonnen, Gebeyaw G., Proietti, Carla, Becker, Luke, Nakajima, Rie, Jasinskas, Al, Doolan, Denise L., Amoah, Abena S., Knopp, Stefanie, Rollinson, David, Ali, Said M., Kabole, Fatma, Hokke, Cornelis H., Adegnika, Akim A., Field, Matt A., van Dam, Govert, Corstjens, Paul L.A.M., Mduluza, Takafira, Mutapi, Francisca, Oeuvray, Claude, Greco, Beatrice, Chaiyadet, Sujittra, Laha, Thewarach, Cai, Pengfei, McManus, Donald P., Bottazzi, Maria Elena, Felgner, Philip L., Sotillo, Javier, and Loukas, Alex (2021) Immunomics-guided discovery of serum and urine antibodies for diagnosing urogenital schistosomiasis: a biomarker identification study. The Lancet Microbe, 2 (11). e617-e626.


Raspin, Kelsie, FitzGerald, Liesel M., Marthick, James R., Field, Matt A., Malley, Roslyn C., Banks, Annette, Donovan, Shaun, Thomson, Russell J., Foley, Georgea R., Stanford, Janet L., and Dickinson, Joanne L. (2021) A rare variant in EZH2 is associated with prostate cancer risk. International Journal of Cancer, 149 (5). pp. 1089-1099.


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