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Faheem, Hafiz Hamza, Britt, Ben, Rocha, Mateus, Zhou, Shou-Han, Li, Chao'en, Cai, Weiwei, and Fan, Liyuan (2024) Sensitivity analysis and process optimization for biomass processing in an integrated gasifier-solid oxide fuel cell system. Fuel, 356. 129529.

Zhou, Shunfa, Liu, Yuxuan, Li, Jin, Shi, Jiawei, Fan, Liyuan, and Cai, Weiwei (2023) Surface-neutralization engineered NiCo-LDH/phosphate hetero-sheets toward robust oxygen evolution reaction. Green Energy & Environment. (In Press)

Sun, ShiXin, Liu, Yuxuan, Xu, Guodong, Jiang, Congcong, Li, Jing, Fan, Liyuan, and Cai, Weiwei (2023) Controllably constructed carbide/oxide heterointerfaces of molybdenum for efficient hydrogen evolution. Fuel, 335. 127084.

Zhou, Shou-Han, Omanga, Elwyn, Tabish, Asif Nadeem, Cai, Weiwei, and Fan, Liyuan (2023) Effect of electrochemical reaction on steam adsorption during methane reforming on a Ni-GDC anode. Fuel, 332, Part 1. 125973.

Shi, Jiawei, He, Huawei, Guo, Yinghua, Ji, Feng, Li, Jing, Zhang, Yi, Deng, Chengwei, Fan, Liyuan, and Cai, Weiwei (2023) Enabling high-efficiency ethanol oxidation on NiFe-LDH via deprotonation promotion and absorption inhibition. Journal of Energy Chemistry, 85. pp. 76-82.

Liu, Zhao, He, Huawei, Liu, Yuxuan, Zhang, Yi, Shi, Jiawei, Xiong, Jie, Zhou, Shunfa, Li, Jing, Fan, Liyuan, and Cai, Weiwei (2023) Soft-template derived Ni/Mo2C hetero-sheet arrays for large current density hydrogen evolution reaction. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 635. pp. 23-31.

Zhou, Shunfa, Wang, Jiatang, Li, Jing, Fan, Liyuan, Liu, Zhao, Shi, Jiawei, and Cai, Weiwei (2023) Surface-growing organophosphorus layer on layered double hydroxides enables boosted and durable electrochemical freshwater/seawater oxidation. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 332. 122749.

He, Lifang, Hu, Jingjie, Yuan, Qiming, Xia, Zhangcheng, Jin, Ling, Gao, Hongliang, Fan, Liyuan, Chu, Xiangfeng, and Meng, Fanli (2023) Synthesis of porous ZnFe2O4/SnO2 core-shell spheres for high-performance acetone gas sensing. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 378. 133123.

Guo, Yinghua, Yan, Liang, Li, Jing, Shi, Jiawei, Liu, Zhao, Fan, Liyuan, and Cai, Weiwei (2023) Zeolitic imidazolate framework induced CoFe-PBA/Carbides hollow cube toward robust bi-functional electrochemical oxygen reaction. Chemical Engineering Journal, 472. 144818.

Li, Cheng, Deng, Tatian, Yang, Liping, Liu, Bo, Yan, Dong, Fan, Liyuan, Li, Jian, and Jia, Lichao (2023) An active and stable hydrogen electrode of solid oxide cells with exsolved Fe–Co–Ni nanoparticles from Sr2FeCo0. 2Ni0. 2Mo0. 6O6-δ double-perovskite. Advanced Powder Materials, 2 (4). 100133.

Fan, Liyuan, Li, Chao'en, van Biert, Lindert, Zhou, Shou-Han, Tabish, Asif Nadeem, Mokhov, Anatoli, Aravind, Purushothaman Vellayani, and Cai, Weiwei (2022) Advances on methane reforming in solid oxide fuel cells. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 166. 112646.

Shi, Jiawei, Shao, Hong, Yang, Feng, Li, Jing, Fan, Liyuan, and Cai, Weiwei (2022) Dual-template induced multi-scale porous Fe@FeNC oxygen reduction catalyst for high-performance electrochemical devices. Chemical Engineering Journal, 445. 136628.

Shi, Jiawei, Deng, Shibing, Hu, Xinyue, Sun, Xiujuan, Zhou, Shunfa, Fan, Liyuan, Cai, Weiwei, and Li, Jing (2022) Interconnected Porous Structural Construction of Mn-and N-Doped Carbon Nanosheets for Fuel Cell Application. Energy & Fuels, 36 (15). pp. 8432-8438.

Fan, Liyuan, Li, Chao'en, Aravind, Purushothaman Vellayani, Cai, Weiwei, Han, Minfang, and Brandon, Nigel (2022) Methane reforming in solid oxide fuel cells: challenges and strategies. Journal of Power Sources, 538. 231573.

Hu, Jingjie, Yaun, Qiming, Zhang, Cheng, Zhang, Jian, He, Lifang, Gao, Hongliang, Jin, Ling, Fan, Liyuan, Zhang, Kui, Chu, Xiangfeng, and Meng, Fanli (2022) A facile cotton biotemplate to fabricate porous ZnFe₂O₄ sheets for acetone gas sensing application. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 371. 132587.

Faheem, Hafiz Hamza, Abbas, Syed Zaheer, Tabish, Asif Nadeem, Fan, Liyuan, and Maqbool, Fahad (2022) A review on mathematical modelling of Direct Internal Reforming- Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. Journal of Power Sources, 520. 230857.

He, Ziguo, Liu, Shengjun, Zhang, Cheng, Fan, Liyuan, Zhang, Jian, Chen, Qian, Sun, Yudie, He, Lifang, Wang, Zhicai, and Zhang, Kui (2021) Coal based carbon dots: recent advances in synthesis, properties, and applications. Nano Select, 2 (9). pp. 1589-1604.

Tabish, Asif Nadeem, Fan, Liyuan, Farhat, Iqra, Irshad, Muneeb, and Abbas, Syed Zaheer (2021) Computational fluid dynamics modeling of anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells using triple-phase boundary-based kinetics. Journal of Power Sources, 513. 230564.

Fan, Liyuan, Mokhov, Anatoli, Saadabadi, S. Ali, Brandon, Nigel, and Aravind, Purushothaman Vellayani (2021) Methane steam reforming reaction in solid oxide fuel cells: influence of electrochemical reaction and anode thickness. Journal of Power Sources, 507. 230276.

Kang, Xin, Chen, Yong, Fan, Liyuan, and Huang, Deqing (2019) Iterative learning control of methane steam reforming reaction in operating solid oxide fuel cell. In: Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE 8th Data Driven Control and Learning Systems Conference. 8908946. pp. 586-591. From: DDCLS 2019: IEEE 8th Data Driven Control and Learning Systems Conference, 24-27 May 2019, Dali, China.

Saadabadi, S. Ali, Thallam Thattai, Aditya, Fan, Liyuan, Lindeboom, Ralph E.F., Spanjers, Henri, Aravind, P.V., and UNSPECIFIED (2019) Solid oxide fuel cells fuelled with biogas: potential and constraints. Renewable Energy, 134. pp. 194-214.

Fernandes, Alvaro, Brabandt, Joerg, Posdziech, Oliver, Saadabadi, Ali, Recalde, Mayra, Fan, Liyuan, Promes, Eva O., Liu, Ming, Woudstra, Theo, and Aravind, Purushothaman Vellayan (2018) Design, construction, and testing of a gasifier-specific solid oxide fuel cell system. Energies, 11 (8). 1985.

Shvartsman, Rina, Fan, Liyuan, and Trieu, Van-Hau (2018) Encouraging engineering students' participation in face-to-face peer learning. In: Proceedings of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference. pp. 626-632. From: AAEE 2018: 29th Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conference, 9-12 December 2018, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Fan, L., van Biert, L., Thallam Thattai, A., Verkooijen, A.H.M., and Aravind, P.V. (2015) Study of methane steam reforming kinetics in operating solid oxide fuel cells: influence of current density. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 40 (15). pp. 5150-5159.

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Fan, L., Aravind, P.V., Dimitriou, E., Pourqui, M.J.B.M., and Verkooijen, A.H.M. (2012) CFD evaluation of solid oxide fuel cell performances with different fuels. In: International Proceedings of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering (28) 16. pp. 80-84. From: ICFEE 2012: International Conference on Future Environment and Energy, 26-28 February 2021, Singapore.

Fan, L., Dimitriou, E., Pourqui, M.J.B.M., Liu, M., Verkooijen, A.H.M., and Aravind, P.V. (2011) Prediction of the performance of a solid oxide fuel cell fuelled with biosyngas: Influence of different steam-reforming reaction kinetic parameters. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38 (1). pp. 510-524.

Fan, Li Yuan, and Yu, Shu-Hong (2009) ZnO@Co hybrid nanotube arrays growth from electrochemical deposition: structural, optical, photocatalytic and magnetic properties. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19. pp. 3710-3717.

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