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Gumbaketi, Benedict, Naylor, Stephen, Law, Lisa, McBain, Kerry, and Horseman, Samantha (2023) A new look at smart ventilation for public buildings in the tropics in the post-pandemic era. In: Proceedings of the 56th International Conference of the Architectural Science Association. pp. 10-21. From: ASA 2023: 56th International Conference of the Architectural Science Association: Sustainability and Health: the nexus of carbon neutral architecture and well-being, 29 November – 2 December 2023, Launceston, TAS, Australia.

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Lasen, Michelle, van Niekerk, Mariana, McMahon, Glenn, and Naylor, Stephen (2017) James Cook University: Engaging in the IRU Academic Calibration Process for subject review and the Peer Review Portal to support program review. In: [Presented at the Inaugural Higher Education Services Assessment and Review Summit 2017]. From: Assessment and Review Summit, 19-20 September 2017, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

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Gough, Julie, and Naylor, Stephen (2009) Circuit breaking? Indigenous Australian art and critical discourse. In: Anderson, Jaynie, (ed.) Crossing Cultures: conflict, migration and convergence: the proceedings of the 32nd international congress of the history of art. Miegunyah Press, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 820-825.

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