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Schultz, Alessandra, and McAllister, Madeline (2023) The 18th Century Intaglios and Seals of HMS Pandora: A preliminary examination and contextualisation. Australasian Journal of Maritime Archaeology, 47. pp. 17-30.

McAllister, Madeline, and Price, Sophie (2023) Twenty-two years of an iconic gallery: Reflecting on the HMS Pandora exhibition at Museum of Tropical Queensland. Australasian Journal of Maritime Archaeology, 47. pp. 1-16.

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McAllister, Maddy (2022) From 'Australia's Titanic' to deadly mutineers: 4 infamous shipwrecks found on the Great Barrier Reef. The Conversation, 4 February 2022.

Philpin, Aurora, McAllister, Madeline, and van Duivenvoorde, Wendy (2021) Attempting to Name the Nameless: Copper Alloy Analysis of Artefacts from Unidentified Shipwreck Sites on Greater Detached Reef, Great Barrier Reef. Australasian Journal of Maritime Archaeology, 45. 6. pp. 75-87.

McAllister, Madeline (2021) Book review of "Our Blue Planet: an introduction to maritime and underwater archaeology" by Ben Ford, Jessi J. Halligan and Alexis Catsambis. Oxford, UK, Oxford University Press, 2020. ISBN: 978-0-19-064992-0. Journal of Maritime Archaeology, 16. pp. 527-529.

McAllister, Madeline, and Woo, Maddy (2021) Small clues, big stories. In: Mitchell, Bronwyn, and Ridgway, Ruth, (eds.) Connections Across the Coral Sea: A Story of Movement. Queensland Museum Publications, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, pp. 34-37.

McAllister, Maddy (2021) The problem with 'digital realism' in underwater archaeology: photogrammetric digital 3D visualization and interpretation. Journal of Maritime Archaeology, 16. pp. 253-275.

McAllister, Madeline (2020) Modern image-based 3D modelling of shipwreck sites. In: Green, Jeremy, and Paterson, Alistair, (eds.) Shipwrecks of the Roaring Forties: Researching some of Australia's earliest shipwrecks. UWA Press, Crawley, WA, pp. 245-252.

Adams, Daniel, Baker, Patrick, McAllister, Madeline, Winton, Trevor, and Woods, Andrew (2020) Successful Creation of a Photogrammetric Model of the James Matthews (1841) Wrecksite from Legacy Photography. Australasian Journal of Maritime Archaeology, 44. pp. 71-89.

Jateff, Emily, and McAllister, Madeline (2019) What happens now we've found the site of the lost Australian freighter SS Iron Crown, sunk in WWII. The Conversation, 24 April 2019.

McAllister, Madeline (2012) Preliminary analysis of copper alloy fastenings from an unidentified shipwreck in Koombana Bay, Western Australia. Bulletin of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, 36. pp. 36-43.

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