Publications by: G. Wheatley

Also publishes as (Greg Wheatley, H. Gregory Wheatley)

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Wheatley, Greg (2019) Analysis of catastrophically failed industrial bolt. Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering, 8 (1). 1000514.

Wheatley, Greg (2018) Design of a conveyor belt turning frame. Industrial Engineering & Management, 7 (4). 1000274.

Wheatley, Greg (2018) Design of industrial lifting crate rated for 1 tonne load. Industrial Engineering & Management, 7 (4). 1000273.

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Wheatley, H. Gregory (2001) Influence of tensile overload on crack growth in 316L stainless-steel - including high strain & low stress interactions in 316l stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium alloy 6060-T5. PhD thesis, University of Western Australia.

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Wheatley, G., Estrin, Y., Hu, X.Z., and Brechet, Y. (1998) Effect of low cycle fatigue on subsequent high cycle fatigue life of 316L stainless steel. Materials Science and Engineering A: Structural Materials: Properties Microstructure and Processing, 254. pp. 315-316.

Wheatley, G., Niefanger, R., Estrin, Y., and Hu, X.Z. (1998) Fatigue crack growth in 316L stainless steel. Key Engineering Materials, 145-149. pp. 631-636.

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