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Also publishes as (Kai-Qin Chan, K. Q. Chan, Chan Kai Qin Chan)

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Ongko Bylianto, Listryarinie, and Chan, Chan Kai Qin (2023) Face masks inhibit facial cues for approachability and trustworthiness: an eyetracking study. Current Psychology. (In Press)

Wu, Yu Qing, Liu, Fang, Chan, Chan Kai Qin, Wang, Nian Xin, Zhao, Shu, Sun, Xin, Shen, Wangbing, and Wang, Zuo-Jun (2022) Childhood psychological maltreatment and internet gaming addiction in Chinese adolescents: Mediation roles of maladaptive emotion regulation strategies and psychosocial problems. Child Abuse and Neglect, 129. 105669.

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Setia, Aanchal, Dhiren, Viraj, Goel, Vidhi, Misra, Ayushi, and Chan, Kai Qin (2022) An exploratory study on the development of a ‘foodie’ scale: evidence from a study on students in India. Food Quality and Preference, 97. 104494.

Ng, D. X., Lin, Patrick K. F., Marsh, Nigel V., Chan, K. Q., and Ramsay, Jonathan E. (2021) Associations between openness facets, prejudice, and tolerance: a scoping review with meta-analysis. Frontiers in Psychology, 12. 707652.

Gao, Cong, Wang, Deming, Miao, Xiao-Yan, Chan, Kai Qin, and Wang, Zuo Jun (2021) Close-knit ties through thick and thin: sharing social exclusion and acceptance enhances social bond. European Journal of Social Psychology, 51 (1). pp. 197-211.

Chan, Kai Qin, van Dooren, Roel, Holland, Rob W., and van Knippenberg, Ad (2020) Disgust lowers olfactory threshold: a test of the underlying mechanism. Cognition and Emotion, 34 (3). pp. 621-627.

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Sparks, Adam Maxwell, Fessler, Daniel M.T., Chan, Kai Qin, Ashokkumar, Ashwini, and Holbrook, Colin (2018) Disgust as a mechanism for decision making under risk: Illuminating sex differences and individual risk-taking correlates of disgust propensity. Emotion, 18 (7). pp. 942-958.

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