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Tan, Chao, Rudd, Chris, Parsons, Andrew, Sharmin, Nusrat, Zhang, Junxiao, Chen, Wanru, and Ahmed, Ifty (2018) Chitosan as a coupling agent for phosphate glass fibre/polycaprolactone composites. Fibers, 6 (4). 97.

Zhu, Chenkai, Ahmed, Ifty, Parsons, Andrew, Wang, Yunqi, Tan, Chao, Liu, Jingsong, Rudd, Chris, and Liu, Xiaoling (2018) Novel bioresorbable phosphate glass fiber textile composites for medical applications. Polymer Composites, 39 (S1). E140-E151.

Tan, Chao, Ahmed, Ifty, Parsons, Andrew J., Sharmin, Nusrat, Zhu, Chenkai, Liu, Jinsong, Rudd, Chris D., and Liu, Xiaoling (2017) Structural, thermal and dissolution properties of MgO- and CaO-containing borophosphate glasses: effect of Fe2O3 addition. Journal of Materials Science, 52 (12). pp. 7489-7502.

Sharmin, Nusrat, Rudd, Chris D., Parsons, Andrew, and Ahmed, Ifty (2016) Structure, viscosity and fibre drawing properties of phosphate-based glasses: effect of boron and iron oxide addition. Journal of Materials Science, 51 (16). pp. 7523-7535.

Felfel, R.M, Ahmed, I., Parsons, A.J, and Rudd, C.D. (2013) Bioresorbable composite screws manufactured via forging process: pull-out, shear, flexural and degradation characteristics. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 18. pp. 108-122.

Felfel, R.M., Ahmed, I., Parsons, A.J., and Rudd, C.D. (2013) Bioresorbable screws reinforced with phosphate glass fibre: manufacturing and mechanical property characterisation. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 17. pp. 76-88.

Felfel, R.M., Ahmed, I., Parsons, A.J., Palmer, G., Sottile, V., and Rudd, C.D. (2013) Cytocompatibility, degradation, mechanical property retention and ion release profiles for phosphate glass fibre reinforced composite rods. Materials Science and Engineering C, 33 (4). pp. 1914-1924.

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