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Jenkins, J.A., Olivier, H.M., Draugelis-Dale, R.O., Eilts, B.E., Torres, L., Patiño, R., Nilsen, E., and Goodbred, S.L. (2014) Assessing reproductive and endocrine parameters in male largescale suckers (Catostomus macrocheilus) along a contaminant gradient in the lower Columbia River, USA. Science of the Total Environment, 484. pp. 365-378.

Len, J.A., Beehan, D.P., Lyle, S.K., and Eilts, B.E. (2013) Cushioned versus noncushioned centrifugation: sperm recovery rate and integrity. Theriogenology, 80 (6). pp. 648-653.

du Bois, S., Len, J.A., Parlevliet, J.M., and Eilts, B.E. (2012) Effects of cooling time on membrane integrity and motility of frozen-thawed canine spermatozoa using two different commercial egg yolk–based extenders at two different cooldown equilibration times. Reproduction in Domestic Animals, 47 (Supplement s6). pp. 278-280.

Ferrer, M.S., Lyle, S.K., Eilts, B.E., Eljarrah, A.H., and Paccamonti, D.L. (2012) Factors affecting sperm recovery rates and survival after centrifugation of equine semen. Theriogenology, 78 (8). pp. 1814-1823.

Guitreau, Amy M., Eilts, Bruce E., Novelo, Noel D., and Tiersch, Terrence R. (2012) Fish handling and ultrasound procedures for viewing the ovary of submersed, nonanesthetized, unrestrained channel catfish. North American Journal of Aquaculture, 74 (2). pp. 182-187.

Ferrer, M.S., Lyle, S.K., Paccamonti, D.L., Eilts, B E., Hosgood, G., and Godke, R.A. (2012) Persistent breeding-induced endometritis after hysteroscopic insemination in the mare. Reproduction in Domestic Animals, 47 (5). pp. 732-739.

Jenkins, Jill A., Eilts, Bruce E., Guitreau, Amy M., Figiel, Chester R., Draugelis-Dale, Rassa O., and Tiersch, Terrence R. (2011) Sperm quality assessments for endangered razorback suckers Xyrauchen texanus. Reproduction, 141 (1). pp. 55-65.

Niemantsverdriet-Murton, Alexandra S., Paccamonti, Dale, Eilts, Bruce E., Pinto, Carlos, Seco, Elena G., Costa, Lais, and Pettifer, Glen (2011) Use of acupuncture to induce cyclicity in anestrous mares. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 31 (3). pp. 97-102.

Len, J.A., Jenkins, J.A., Eilts, B.E., Paccamonti, D.L., Lyle, S.K., and Hosgood, G. (2010) Immediate and delayed (after cooling) effects of centrifugation on equine sperm. Theriogenology, 73 (2). pp. 225-231.

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