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Yin, Shi, Tuladhar, Rabin, Shanks, Robert A., Collister, Tony, Combe, Mark, Jacob, Mohan, Tian, Ming, and Sivakugan, Nagaratnam (2015) Fiber preparation and mechanical properties of recycled polypropylene for reinforcing concrete. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 132 (16). pp. 1-10.

Jacob, Mohan V., Olsen, Natalie S., Anderson, Liam J., Bazaka, Kateryna, and Shanks, Robert A. (2013) Plasma polymerised thin films for flexible electronic applications. Thin Solid Films, 546. pp. 167-170.

Yin, Shi, Tuladhar, Rabin, Combe, Mark, Collister, Tony, Jacob, Mohan, and Shanks, Robert (2013) Mechanical properties of recycled plastic fibres for reinforcing concrete. In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference Fibre Concrete, pp. 1-10. From: 7th International Conference Fibre Concrete, September 12-13 2013, Prague, Czech Republic.

Bazaka, Kateryna, Jacob, Mohan V., and Shanks, Robert A. (2010) Fabrication and characterization of RF plasma polymerized thin films from 3,7-dimethyl-1,6-octadien-3-ol for electronic and biomaterial applications. Advanced Materials Research, 123-125. pp. 323-326.

Easton, Christopher D., Jacob, Mohan V., Shanks, Robert A., and Bowden, Bruce F. (2009) Surface and chemical characterization of PolyLA thin films fabricated using plasma polymerization. Chemical Vapor Deposition, 15 (7). pp. 179-185.

Easton, Christopher D., Jacob, Mohan V., and Shanks, Robert A. (2009) Fabrication and characterisation of polymer thin-films derived from cineole using radio frequency plasma polymerisation. Polymer, 50 (15). pp. 3465-3469.

Hodzic, Alma, Coakley, Richard, Curro, Ray, Berndt, Christopher C., and Shanks, Robert A. (2007) Design and optimization of biopolyester bagasse fiber composites. Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy, 1 (1). pp. 46-55.

Hodzic, A., Curro, R., Britton, P, Shu, L., Berndt, C.C., and Shanks, R.A. (2006) Mechanical properties of PHB-Bagasse composites. In: Proceedings of Developments in Composites: Advanced, Infrastructural, Natural and Nano-composites, pp. 156-161. From: ACUN-5: International Composites Conference, 11-14 July 2006, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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