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Burns, Max, Natividad Marin, Leynard, and Schneider, Philip A. (2016) Investigations of a continuous Poiseuille flow struvite seed crystallizer: mixer performance and aggregate disruption by sonication. Chemical Engineering Journal, 295. pp. 552-562.


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Dada, Tewodros Kassa, Vuppaladadiyam, Arun, Duan, Alex Xiaofei, Kumar, Ravinder, and Antunes, Elsa (2022) Probing the effect of Cu-SrO loading on catalyst supports (ZSM-5, Y-zeolite, activated carbon, Al2O3, and ZrO2) for aromatics production during catalytic co-pyrolysis of biomass and waste cooking oil. Bioresource Technology, 360. 127515.


Gharahjeh, Siamak, Situ, Rong, He, Yinghe, Lin, Wenxian, and Brown, Richard (2017) A review on ocean acidification as a result of shipping emissions in harbors. In: Proceedings of the Australasian Coasts & Ports 2017 Conference. pp. 483-486. From: Australasian Coasts & Ports 2017 Conference: working with nature, 21-23 June 2017, Cairns, QLD, Australia.


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