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Sun, ShiXin, Liu, Yuxuan, Xu, Guodong, Jiang, Congcong, Li, Jing, Fan, Liyuan, and Cai, Weiwei (2023) Controllably constructed carbide/oxide heterointerfaces of molybdenum for efficient hydrogen evolution. Fuel, 335. 127084.

Shi, Jiawei, He, Huawei, Guo, Yinghua, Ji, Feng, Li, Jing, Zhang, Yi, Deng, Chengwei, Fan, Liyuan, and Cai, Weiwei (2023) Enabling high-efficiency ethanol oxidation on NiFe-LDH via deprotonation promotion and absorption inhibition. Journal of Energy Chemistry, 85. pp. 76-82.

Liu, Zhao, He, Huawei, Liu, Yuxuan, Zhang, Yi, Shi, Jiawei, Xiong, Jie, Zhou, Shunfa, Li, Jing, Fan, Liyuan, and Cai, Weiwei (2023) Soft-template derived Ni/Mo2C hetero-sheet arrays for large current density hydrogen evolution reaction. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 635. pp. 23-31.

Zhou, Shunfa, Wang, Jiatang, Li, Jing, Fan, Liyuan, Liu, Zhao, Shi, Jiawei, and Cai, Weiwei (2023) Surface-growing organophosphorus layer on layered double hydroxides enables boosted and durable electrochemical freshwater/seawater oxidation. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 332. 122749.

Zhou, Shunfa, Liu, Yuxuan, Li, Jin, Shi, Jiawei, Fan, Liyuan, and Cai, Weiwei (2023) Surface-neutralization engineered NiCo-LDH/phosphate hetero-sheets toward robust oxygen evolution reaction. Green Energy & Environment. (In Press)

Guo, Yinghua, Yan, Liang, Li, Jing, Shi, Jiawei, Liu, Zhao, Fan, Liyuan, and Cai, Weiwei (2023) Zeolitic imidazolate framework induced CoFe-PBA/Carbides hollow cube toward robust bi-functional electrochemical oxygen reaction. Chemical Engineering Journal, 472. 144818.

Li, Cheng, Deng, Tatian, Yang, Liping, Liu, Bo, Yan, Dong, Fan, Liyuan, Li, Jian, and Jia, Lichao (2023) An active and stable hydrogen electrode of solid oxide cells with exsolved Fe–Co–Ni nanoparticles from Sr2FeCo0. 2Ni0. 2Mo0. 6O6-δ double-perovskite. Advanced Powder Materials, 2 (4). 100133.

Fan, Liyuan, Li, Chao'en, van Biert, Lindert, Zhou, Shou-Han, Tabish, Asif Nadeem, Mokhov, Anatoli, Aravind, Purushothaman Vellayani, and Cai, Weiwei (2022) Advances on methane reforming in solid oxide fuel cells. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 166. 112646.

Shi, Jiawei, Shao, Hong, Yang, Feng, Li, Jing, Fan, Liyuan, and Cai, Weiwei (2022) Dual-template induced multi-scale porous Fe@FeNC oxygen reduction catalyst for high-performance electrochemical devices. Chemical Engineering Journal, 445. 136628.

Shi, Jiawei, Deng, Shibing, Hu, Xinyue, Sun, Xiujuan, Zhou, Shunfa, Fan, Liyuan, Cai, Weiwei, and Li, Jing (2022) Interconnected Porous Structural Construction of Mn-and N-Doped Carbon Nanosheets for Fuel Cell Application. Energy & Fuels, 36 (15). pp. 8432-8438.

Manthiram, Arumugam, Lutkenhaus, Jodie L., Fu, Yongzhu, Bai, Peng, Kim, Byung Gon, Lee, Seung Woo, Okonkwo, Emenike, and Penner, Reginald M. (2022) Technological pathways toward sustainable batteries. One Earth, 5 (3). pp. 203-206.

Tabish, Asif Nadeem, Fan, Liyuan, Farhat, Iqra, Irshad, Muneeb, and Abbas, Syed Zaheer (2021) Computational fluid dynamics modeling of anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells using triple-phase boundary-based kinetics. Journal of Power Sources, 513. 230564.

Okonkwo, Emenike George, Wheatley, Greg, and He, Yinghe (2021) The role of organic compounds in the recovery of valuable metals from primary and secondary sources: a mini-review. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 174. 105813.

Shafiqah, Mohd Nasir No, Tran, Hai Nguyen, Nguyen, Trinh Duy, Phuong, Pham T.T., Abdullah, Bawadi, Lam, Su Shiung, Nguyen-Tri, Phuong, Kumar, Ravinder, Nanda, Sonil, and Vo, Dai Viet N. (2020) Ethanol CO2 reforming on La2O3 and CeO2-promoted Cu/Al2O3 catalysts for enhanced hydrogen production. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 45 (36). pp. 18398-18410.

Ahmad, Muhammad Sheraz, Cheng, Chin Kui, Kumar, Ravinder, Singh, Sharanjit, Saeed, Khater Ahmed, Ong, Huei Ruey, Abdullah, Hamidah, and Khan, Maksudur Rahman (2020) Pd/CNT catalysts for glycerol electro-oxidation: effect of pd loading on production of valuable chemical products. Electroanalysis, 32 (6). pp. 1139-1147.

Zhang, Yufei, Zhang, Na, Chen, Jin, Zhang, Tiezhu, Ge, Wenqing, Zhang, Weimin, Xie, Gang, Zhang, Lipeng, and He, Yinghe (2020) Preparation and lithium storage properties of C@TiO₂/3D carbon hollow sphere skeleton composites. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 815. 152511.

Kumar, Ravinder, Singh, Lakhveer, Zularisam, A.W., and Hai, I. Faisal (2016) Potential of porous Co3O4 nanorods as cathode catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in microbial fuel cells. Bioresource Technology, 220. pp. 537-542.

Liu, M., Pouquie, M.J.B.M., Fan, L., Halloip, W., Cobas, V.R.M., Verkooijen, A.H.M., and Aravind, P.V. (2013) The Use of Methane-Containing Syngas in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell: A Comparison of Kinetic Models and a Performance Evaluation. Fuel Cells, 13 (3). pp. 428-440.

Conference Item

Kang, Xin, Chen, Yong, Fan, Liyuan, and Huang, Deqing (2019) Iterative learning control of methane steam reforming reaction in operating solid oxide fuel cell. In: Proceedings of the 2019 IEEE 8th Data Driven Control and Learning Systems Conference. 8908946. pp. 586-591. From: DDCLS 2019: IEEE 8th Data Driven Control and Learning Systems Conference, 24-27 May 2019, Dali, China.

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