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Yang, Zhiming, Hou, Zengqian, Chang, Zhaoshan, Li, Qiuyun, Liu, Yunfei, Qu, Huangchun, Sun, Maoyu, and Xu, Bo (2016) Cospatial Eocene and Miocene granitoids from the Jiru Cu deposit in Tibet: petrogenesis and implications for the formation of collisional and postcollisional porphyry Cu systems in continental collision zones. Lithos, 245. pp. 243-257.

Yang, Zhiming, Chang, Zhaoshan, Hou, Zengqian, and Meffre, Sebastien (2016) Age, igneous petrogenesis, and tectonic setting of the Bilihe gold deposit, China, and implications for regional metallogeny. Gondwana Research, 34. pp. 296-314.

Yang, Zhiming, Chang, Zhaoshan, Paquette, Jeanne, White, Noel C., Hou, Zengqian, and Ge, Liangsheng (2015) Magmatic Au mineralization at the Bilihe Au deposit, China. Economic Geology, 110 (7). pp. 1661-1668.

Yang, Zhi-Ming, Lu, Yonh-Jun, Hou, Zeng-Qian, and Chang, Zhao-Shan (2015) High-Mg diorite from Qulong in Southern Tibet: implications for the genesis of adakite-like intrusions and associated porphyry Cu deposits in collisional orogens. Journal of Petrology, 56 (2). pp. 227-254.

Yang, Zhiming, Hou, Zengqian, Xu, Jifeng, Bian, Xiongfei, Wang, Guiren, Yang, Zhusen, Tian, Shihong, Liu, Yingchao, and Wang, Zhaolin (2014) Geology and origin of the post-collisional Narigongma porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, southern Qinghai, Tibet. Gondwana Research, 26 (2). pp. 536-556.

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