Publications by: Tianqiao Lu

Also publishes as (Tian Qiao Lu, Tian-qiao Lu)

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Lu, Tianqiao (2012) Analysis of the cultural functions of the Maonan Teknonymy. Guangxi Ethnic Studies, 2012 (3). pp. 106-111.

Lu, Tian-qiao (2012) Classifiers in Kam-Tai Languages: a cognitive and cultural perspective. Universal Publishers, Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

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Lu, Tianqiao (2009) Investigation of the 'military language' and 'military people' in Guangxi - the prominent military features of Weisuo administrative system in Guangxi during Ming dynasty. Study of Ethnics in Guangxi, 97 (3). pp. 138-144.

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Lu, Tianqiao (2006) Complementary distribution of the placenames of Yang Ge Zhuang (the village of the Yang family) etc, and its historical significance in sound change. Southeast Culture, 5. pp. 54-58.

Lu, Tianqiao (2005) Reconsideration of distribution areas of the Kam-Tai ancestors based on etymology of a daily word. Guizhou Ethnic Studies, 2005 (3). pp. 160-165.

Lu, Tianqiao (2002) Lubricants in the ethnic relations in our country. Minzu shehuixue yanjiu tongxun (Sociology of Ethnicity), 27. pp. 30-32.

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