Publications by: Tulio Fernandez-Medina

Also publishes as (Tulio Fernández, Tulio Fernandez Medina, Tulio Fernandez, T. Fernandez-Medina)

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Ivanovski, Saso, Lee, Ryan S.B., Fernandez Medina, Tulio, Pinto, Nelson, Andrade, Catherine, and Quirynen, Marc (2024) Impact of autologous platelet concentrates on the osseointegration of dental implant. Periodontology 2000. (In Press)

Fernandez-Medina, T., Vaquette, C., Gomez-Cerezo, M.N., and Ivanovski, S. (2023) Characterization of the Protein Corona of Three Chairside Hemoderivatives on Melt Electrowritten Polycaprolactone Scaffolds. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24 (7). pp. 6162-6183.

Blaudez, Fanny, Ivanovski, Saso, Fernandez, Tulio, and Vaquette, Cedryck (2023) Effect of In Vitro Culture Length on the Bone-Forming Capacity of Osteoblast-Derived Decellularized Extracellular Matrix Melt Electrowritten Scaffolds. Biomacromolecules, 24 (8). pp. 3450-3462.

Qi Lim, Ping, Lim, Sue Huey, Sherilyn, Maria, Fernandez-Medina, Tulio, Ivanovski, Sašo, and Hosseinpour, Sepanta (2022) A Clinical Risk Assessment of a 3D-Printed Patient-Specific Scaffold by Failure Modes and Effects Analysis. Materials, 15 (15). 5442.

Fernandez Medina, Tulio, and Nanda, Aswin (2021) Regeneration for implant dentistry. In: Hosseinpour, Sepanta, Walsh, Laurence J., and Moharamzadeh, Keyvan, (eds.) Regenerative Approaches in Dentistry. Springer International Publishing AG, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 133-150.

Vaquette, C., Mitchell, J., Fernandez-Medina, Tulio, Kumar, S., and Ivanovski, S. (2021) Resorbable additively manufactured scaffold imparts dimensional stability to extraskeletally regenerated bone. Biomaterials, 269. 120671.

Abdal-hay, Abdalla, Gulati, Karan, Fernandez-Medina, Tulio, Qian, Ma, and Ivanovski, Saso (2020) In situ hydrothermal transformation of titanium surface into lithium-doped continuous nanowire network towards augmented bioactivity. Applied Surface Science, 505. 144604.

Fernandez-Medina, Tulio, Vaquette, Cedryck, and Ivanovski, Saso (2019) Systematic Comparison of the Effect of Four Clinical-Grade Platelet Rich Hemoderivatives on Osteoblast Behaviour. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 20 (24). 6243.

Fernández, Tulio, Olave, Gilberto, Valencia, Carlos H., Arce, Sandra, Quinn, Julian M.W., Thouas, George A., and Chen, Qi-Zhi (2014) Effects of Calcium Phosphate/Chitosan Composite on Bone Healing in Rats: Calcium Phosphate Induces Osteon Formation. Tissue Engineering Part A: Tissue Engineering, 20 (13-14). pp. 1948-1960.

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