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Brodkorb, André, Kirsch-De Mesmaeker, Andrée, Rutherford, Todd J, and Keene, F Richard (2001) Stereoselective interactions and photo-electron transfers between mononucleotides or DNA and the stereoisomers of a HAT-bridged Dinuclear RuII Complex (HAT 5 1,4,5,8,9,12-hexaazatriphenylene). European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2001 (8). pp. 2151-2160.

Rutherford, Todd J., Pellegrini, Paul A., Aldrich-Wright, Janice, Junk, Peter C., and Keene, F. Richard (1998) Isolation of enantiomers of a range of tris(bidentate)ruthenium(II) species using chromatographic resolution and stereoretentive synthetic methods. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (11). pp. 1677-1688.

Rutherford, Todd J., and Keene, F. Richard (1998) Stereoisomers in heterometallic (Ru₂Os) and heteroleptic homometallic (RuRu'Ru") trinuclear complexes incorporating the bridging ligand hat (1,4,5,8,9,12-hexaazatriphenylene). Dalton Transactions (7). pp. 1155-1162.

Rutherford, Todd J., Van Gijte, Olivia, Mesmaeker, Andrée Kirsch-De, and Keene, F. Richard (1997) Stereoisomers of mono-, di-, and triruthenium(II) complexes containing the bridging ligand 1,4,5,8,9,12-hexaazatriphenylene and studies of their photophysical properties. Inorganic Chemistry, 36 (20). pp. 4465-4474.

Treadway, Joseph A., Chen, Pingyun, Rutherford, Todd J., Keene, F. Richard, and Meyer, Thomas (1997) Mapping electron transfer pathways in a chromophore-quencher triad. Journal of Physical Chemistry: Part A, 101 (37). pp. 6824-6826.

Rutherford, Todd J., and Keene, F. Richard (1997) Isolation of the stereoisomers of [{Ru(bpy)₂}₂{Os(bpy)₂}(μ-HAT)]⁶⁺ (HAT=1,4,5,8,9,12-hexaazatriphenylene; bpy=2,2'-bipyridine). Inorganic Chemistry, 36 (17). pp. 3580-5381.

Rutherford, Todd J., and Keene, F. Richard (1997) Stereochemical control of donor and acceptor groups in a monomeric chromophore-quencher complex of ruthenium(II). Inorganic Chemistry, 36 (13). pp. 2872-2878.

Rutherford, Todd J., Quagliotto, Michael G., and Keene, F. Richard (1995) Chiral [Ru(pp)₂(CO)₂]²⁺ species (pp = bidentate polypyridyl ligand) and their use in the stereoselective synthesis of ligand-bridge dinuclear complexes. Inorganic Chemistry, 34 (15). pp. 3857-3858.

Rutherford, Todd J., Reitsma, David A., and Keene, F. Richard (1994) Stereochemistry in tris(bidentate ligand)ruthenium(II) complexes containing unsymmetrical polypyridyl ligands. Dalton Transactions (24). pp. 3659-3666.

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