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Baker, Timothy, Mustard, Roger, Fu, Bin, Williams, Patrick J., Dong, Guoyi, Fisher, Louise, Mark, Geordie, and Ryan, Chris G. (2008) Mixed messages in iron oxide-copper-gold systems of the Cloncurry district, Australia: insights from PIXE analysis of halogens and copper in fluid inclusions. Mineralium Deposita, 43 (6). pp. 599-608.

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Mark, Geordie, Oliver, Nicholas H.S., and Williams, Patrick J. (2006) Mineralogical and chemical evolution of the Ernest Henry Fe oxide-Cu-Au ore system, Cloncurry district, northwest Queensland, Australia. Mineralium Deposita, 40 (8). pp. 769-801.

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Mark, Geordie, Williams, Patrick J., and Boyce, Adrian J. (2004) Low-latitude meteoric fluid flow along the Cloncurry Fault, Cloncurry district, NW Queensland, Australia: geodynamic and metallogenic implications. Chemical Geology, 207 (1-2). pp. 117-132.

Mark, Geordie, Foster, Damien R. W., Pollard, Peter J., Williams, Patrick J., Tolman, Justin, Darvall, Michael, and Blake, Kevin L. (2004) Stable isotope evidence for magmatic fluid input during large-scale Na–Ca alteration in the Cloncurry Fe oxide Cu–Au district, NW Queensland, Australia. Terra Nova Online, 16 (2). pp. 54-61.

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Mark, Geordie, Williams, Patrick J., and Boyce, Adrian J. (2003) Late quartz veining along the Cloncurry Fault, Eastern Fold Belt, NW Queensland, Australia: stable isotope evidence for the incursion of low-latitude meteoric fluids. In: Proceedings of the Seventh Biennial SGA Meeting on Mineral Exploration and Sustainable Development (1) pp. 503-506. From: Seventh Biennial SGA Meeting on Mineral Exploration and Sustainable Development, 24-28 August 2003, Athens, Greece.

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