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Roshanravan, Bijan, Kreuzer, Oliver P., Mohammadi, Sadjad, Bruce, Matt, Davis, James, and Briggs, Matt (2021) Cuckoo optimization algorithm for support vector regression potential analysis: an example from the Granites-Tanami Orogen, Australia. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 230. 106858.

Yousefi, Mahyar, Carranza, Emmanuel John M., Kreuzer, Oliver, Nykänen, Vesa, Hronsky, Jon M.A., and Mihalasky, Mark J. (2021) Data analysis methods for prospectivity modelling as applied to mineral exploration targeting: state-of-the-art and outlook. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 229. 106839.

Zuo, Renguang, Kreuzer, Oliver P., Wang, Jian, Xiong, Yihui, Zhang, Zhenjie, and Wang, Ziye (2021) Uncertainties in GIS-Based Mineral Prospectivity Mapping: Key Types, Potential Impacts and Possible Solutions. Natural Resources Research, 30 (5). pp. 3059-3079.

Kreuzer, Oliver P., Yousefi, Mahyar, and Nykänen, Vesa (2020) Introduction to the special issue on spatial modelling and analysis of ore-forming processes in mineral exploration targeting. Ore Geology Reviews, 119. 103391.

Roshanravan, Bijan, Kreuzer, Oliver P., Bruce, Matt, Davis, James, and Briggs, Matt (2020) Modelling gold potential in the Granites-Tanami Orogen, NT, Australia: a comparative study using continuous and data-driven techniques. Ore Geology Reviews, 125.

Ferreira Uchoa, Juliane Cristina, Bemfica Toledo, Catarina Laboure, Silva, Adalene Moreira, Mendonca, Augusto Ferreira, Hagemann, Steffen G., Kreuzer, Oliver P., and Carmelo, Adriana Chatack (2020) Multi-process and multi-scale spatial predictive analysis of an orogenic Archean gold system, Rio das Velhas Greenstone Belt, Brazil. Ore Geology Reviews, 122. 103442.

Roshanravan, Bijan, Tabatabaei, Seyed Hasan, Kreuzer, Oliver, Moini, Hamid, and Parsa, Mohammad (2020) Structural and non-structural statistical methods: implications for delineating geochemical anomalies. Applied Earth Science, 129 (3). pp. 111-121.

Bruce, Matt, Kreuzer, Oliver, Wilde, Andy, Buckingham, Amanda, Butera, Kristin, and Bierlein, Frank (2020) Unconformity-type uranium systems: a comparative review and predictive modelling of critical genetic factors. Minerals, 10 (9). 738.

Hronsky, Jon M.A., and Kreuzer, Oliver P. (2019) Applying spatial prospectivity mapping to exploration targeting: fundamental practical issues and suggested solutions for the future. Ore Geology Reviews, 107. pp. 647-653.

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Roshanravan, Bijan, Aghajani, Hamid, Yousefi, Mahyar, and Kreuzer, Oliver (2019) Particle swarm optimization algorithm for neuro-fuzzy prospectivity analysis using continuously weighted spatial exploration data. Natural Resources Research, 28 (2). pp. 309-325.

Tourigny, Ghislain, Tranos, Markos D., Masurel, Quentin, Kreuzer, Oliver, Brammer, Steffen, Owusu-Ansah, Kwaku, Yao, David, and Hayford, Thomas (2019) Structural controls on granitoid-hosted gold mineralization and paleostress history of the Edikan gold deposits, Kumasi Basin, southwestern Ghana. Mineralium Deposita, 54 (7). pp. 1033-1052.

Roshanravan, Bijan, Aghajani, Hamid, Yousefi, Mahyar, and Kreuzer, Oliver (2019) An improved prediction-area plot for prospectivity analysis of mineral deposits. Natural Resources Research, 28 (3). pp. 1089-1105.

Kreuzer, Oliver P., Buckingham, Amanda, Mortimer, John, Walker, Greg, Wilde, Andy, and Appiah, Kwesi (2019) An integrated approach to the search for gold in a mature, data-rich brownfields environment: a case study from Sigma-Lamaque, Quebec. Ore Geology Reviews, 111. 102977.

Chudasama, Bijal, Porwal, Alok, González-Álvarez, Ignacio, Thakur, Sanchari, Wilde, Andy, and Kreuzer, Oliver P. (2018) Calcrete-hosted surficial uranium systems in Western Australia: prospectivity modeling and quantitative estimates of resources. Part 1 - Origin of calcrete uranium deposits in surficial environments: a review. Ore Geology Reviews, 102. pp. 906-936.

Chudasama, Bijal, Porwal, Alok, Kreuzer, Oliver P., and Butera, Kris (2016) Geology, geodynamics and orogenic gold prospectivity modelling of the Paleoproterozoic Kumasi Basin, Ghana, West Africa. Ore Geology Reviews, 78. pp. 692-711.

Kreuzer, Oliver P., Miller, Alexandra V.M., Peters, Katie J., Payne, Constance, Wildman, Charlene, Partington, Gregor A., Puccioni, Elisa, McMahon, Maureen E., and Etheridge, Michael A. (2015) Comparing prospectivity modelling results and past exploration data: a case study of porphyry Cu–Au mineral systems in the Macquarie Arc, Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales. Ore Geology Reviews, 71. pp. 516-544.

Kreuzer, O.P., Blenkinsop, T.G., Morrison, R.J., and Peters, S.G. (2007) Ore controls in the Charters Towers goldfield, NE Australia: constraints from geological, geophysical and numerical analysis. Ore Geology Reviews, 32 (1-2). pp. 37-80.

Kreuzer, Oliver P. (2006) Textures, paragenesis and wall-rock alteration of lode-gold deposits in the Charters Towers district, north Queensland: implications for the conditions of ore formation. Mineralium Deposita, 40 (6-7). pp. 639-663.

Kreuzer, Oliver P. (2005) Intrusion-hosted mineralization in the Charters Towers goldfield, North Queensland: new isotopic and fluid inclusion constraints on the timing and origin of the auriferous veins. Economic Geology, 100 (8). pp. 1583-1603.

Kreuzer, Oliver P. (2004) How to resolve the controls on mesothermal vein systems in a goldfield characterized by sparse kinematic information and fault reactivation-a structural and graphical approach. Journal of Structural Geology, 26 (6-7). pp. 1043-1065.

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