Publications by: Linda C. Hernandez Duran

Also publishes as (Linda Hernández Duran, Linda Hernandez Duran, Linda Hernandez-Duran)

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Hernandez Duran, Linda, Wilson, David Thomas, Briffa, Mark, and Rymer, Tasmin Lee (2021) Beyond spider personality: the relationships between behavioral, physiological, and environmental factors. Ecology and Evolution, 11 (7). pp. 2974-2989.

Maxwell, Stephen J., Rowell, Misha K., Hernandez Duran, Linda C., and Rymer, Tasmin L. (2020) Population structure of Canarium labiatum (Röding, 1798) (Mollusca: Neostromboidae: Strombidae) on Green Island, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland, 128. pp. 13-20.

Segura-Hernández, Laura, Aisenberg, Anita, Vargas, Eric, Hernandez-Duran, Linda, Eberhard, William G., and Barrantes, Gilbert (2020) Tuning in to the male: evidence contradicting sexually antagonistic coevolution models of sexual selection in Leucauge mariana (Araneae Tetragnathidae). Ethology Ecology and Evolution, 32 (2). pp. 175-189.

Hernández Duran, Linda, Rymer, Tasmin Lee, and Wilson, David Thomas (2020) Variation in venom composition in the Australian funnel-web spiders Hadronyche valida. Toxicon: X, 8. 100063.

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