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nguyen, Dang Hat, Tan, Kim Lim, Nguyen, Lam Ngoc Vi, Nguyen, An Phu, and Ting, Hiram (2024) The Influence of Customer Relationship Management in Enhancing Hospitality Business Performance: The Conditional Mediation of Digital Marketing Capabilities. International Journal of Hospitality & Administration. (In Press)

Tan, Kim-Lim, Hii, Ivy S.H., Huang, Yijing, and Yan, Yaru (2024) Reducing dishonest disclosures during expense reimbursement: investigating the predictive power of the technology acceptance model with a corporate governance perspective. Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change. (In Press)

Tan, Kim-Lim, Hii, Ivy S.H., Lim, Xin-Jean, and Wong, Caroline Y.L. (2024) Enhancing purchase intentions among young consumers in a live-streaming shopping environment using relational bonds: are there differences between "buyers" and "non-buyers"? Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 36 (1). pp. 48-65.

Dillon, Roberto, and Tan, Kim Lim (2023) Cybersecurity Workforce Landscape, Education, and Industry Growth Prospects in Southeast Asia. Journal of Tropical Futures. (In Press)

Tan, Kim-Lim, Eze, Uchenna Cyril, and Sun, Yi (2023) I did my part! How can I further minimize emerging adult learners’ burnout in an online learning environment? Educational Studies. (In Press)

Tan, Kim-Lim, Hii, Ivy S.H., and Cheong, Kevin Chuen-Kong (2023) Knowledge “hiding and seeking” during the pandemic: who really wins in the new normal? VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems. (In Press)

Tan, Kim-Lim, Gim, Gabriel C.W., Hii, Ivy S.H., and Zhu, Wenqian (2023) STARA fight or flight: a two-wave time-lagged study of challenge and hindrance appraisal of STARA awareness on basic psychological needs and individual competitiveness productivity among hospitality employees. Current Issues in Tourism. (In Press)

Tan, Kim-Lim, Sim, Pei-Lin, Ting, Hui-Bun, Sim, Wen-Yee, and Donohue, Thomas (2023) A Gendered Discourse of Third-generation Chinese Migrants on Diaspora Tourism: Implications to Industry Players in Malaysia. Journal of China Tourism Research, 19 (2). pp. 335-358.

Hiram, Ting, Turner, Daniel, Tan, Kim-Lim, Tan, Sook Rei, Wong, Munwai, and Gong, Jiankun (2023) Less is More? Review and Recommendations for Qualitative Sampling Strategy using the S.C.A.D.E Approach. Asian Journal of Business Research, 13 (3).

Tan, Kim-Lim (2023) Responsible Leadership - A Brief Review of Literature. Journal of Responsible Tourism Management, 3 (1). pp. 44-55.

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Tan, Kim Lim, Ho, Jie-min, Sim, Adriel, Dubos, Lance, and Cham, Tat-Huei (2023) Unlocking the secrets of Miri country music festival in Malaysia: a moderated-mediation model examining the power of FOMO, flow and festival satisfaction in driving revisiting intentions. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 28 (5). pp. 416-432.

Tan, Kim-Lim, Cham, Tat Huei, and Sim, Adriel K.S. (2023) What Makes Social Work Meaningful? Evidence for a Curvilinear Relationship of Meaningful Work on Work Engagement with Psychological Capital as the Moderator. Human Service Organizations Management, Leadership and Governance, 47 (3). pp. 218-235.

Tan, Kim-Lim, Hii, Ivy S.H., Zhu, Wenqian, Leong, Choi-Meng, and Lin, Eliver (2023) The borders are re-opening! Has virtual reality been a friend or a foe to the tourism industry so far? Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 35 (7). pp. 1639-1662.

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Tan, Kim-Lim, Ho, Jie Min, Pidani, Rita, and Goveravaram, Archana Das (2022) Doing good does you good? The financial impact of individual CSR dimensions: A Malaysian context. Social Responsibility Journal, 18 (1). pp. 43-67.

Zhong, Yingyu, Zhang, Yingying, Luo, Meng, Wei, Jiayue, Liao, Shiyang, Tan, Kim-Lim, and Yap, Steffi Sze-Nee (2022) I give discounts, I share information, I interact with viewers: a predictive analysis on factors enhancing college students' purchase intention in a live-streaming shopping environment. Young Consumers, 23 (3). pp. 449-467.

Tan, Kim-Lim, Sim, Adriel K.S., Hii, Ivy S.H., Pidani, Rita, and Donohue, Thomas (2022) A Multigroup Analysis of Bidirectional Work-Family Enrichment on Family Satisfaction of Hospitality Employees during the Pandemic: Where Religiosity and Marital Status Matter. Journal of Psychology, 157 (1). pp. 48-70.

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Tan, Kim Lim, Lew, Tek-Yew, and Sim, Adriel K.S. (2019) An innovative solution to leverage meaningful work to attract, retain and manage generation Y employees in Singapore’s hotel industry. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes, 11 (2). pp. 204-216.

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