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Also publishes as (Shahead Chowdhury, Shahead Ali Chowdhury)

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Jordan, Margaret A., Fletcher, Julie M., Jose, Roby, Chowdhury, Shahead, Gerlach, Nicole, Allison, Janette, and Baxter, Alan G. (2011) Role of SLAM in NKT cell development revealed by transgenic complementation in NOD mice. Journal of Immunology, 186 (7). pp. 3953-3965.

Otsuki, S., Morshed, S.R.M., Chowdhury, S.A., Takayama, F., Satoh, T., Hashimoto, K., Sugiyama, K., Amano, O., Yasui, T., Yokote, Y., Akahane, K., and Sakagami, H. (2005) Possible link between glycolysis and apoptosis induced by sodium fluoride. Journal of Dental Research, 84 (10). pp. 919-923.

Chakrabarty, S., Nagata, M., Yasuda, H., Wen, L., Nakayama, M., Chowdhury, S.A., Yamada, K., Jin, Z., Kotani, R., Moriyama, H., Shimozato, O., Yagita, H., and Yokono, K. (2003) Critical roles of CD30/CD30L interactions in Murine Autoimmune Diabetes. Clinical and Experimental Immunology, 133 (3). pp. 318-325.

Kotani, Reiko, Nagata, Masao, Moriyama, Hiroaki, Nakayama, Maki, Yamada, Katsumi, Chowdhury, Shahead Ali, Chakrabarty, Sagarika, Jin, Zhenzi, Yasuda, Hisafumi, and Yokono, Koichi (2002) Detection of GAD65-reactive T-Cells in type 1 diabetes by immunoglobulin-free ELISPOT assays. Diabetes Care, 25 (8). pp. 1390-1397.

Nakayama, Maki, Nagata, Masao, Yasuda, Hisafumi, Arisawa, Kenji, Kotani, Reiko, Yamada, Katsumi, Chowdhury, Shahead Ali, Chakrabarty, Sagarika, Jin, Zhen Zi, Yagita, Hideo, Yokono, Koichi, and Kasuga, Masato (2002) Fas/Fas ligand interactions play an essential role in the initiation of murine autoimmune diabetes. Diabetes, 51 (5). pp. 1391-1397.

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