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Bell, Timothy H., Sanislav, Ioan V., and Sapkota, Jyotindra (2018) The control of deformation partitioning and strain localization on porphyroblast behaviour in rocks and experiments. Geosciences Journal, 22 (1). pp. 65-77.

Bell, T.H., and Fay, C. (2016) Holistic microstructural techniques reveal synchronous to alternating development of andalusite and staurolite during 3 tectonic events resulted from shifting partitioning of growth vs deformation. Lithos, 262. pp. 699-712.

Aerden, D.G.A.M., Bell, T.H., Puga, E., Sayab, M., Lozano, J.A., and Diaz de Federico, A. (2013) Multi-stage mountain building vs. relative plate motions in the Betic Cordillera deduced from integrated microstructural and petrological analysis of porphyroblast inclusion trails. Tectonophysics, 587. pp. 188-206.

Bell, T.H., Rieuwers, M.T., Cihan, M., Evans, T.P., Ham, A.P., and Welch, P.W. (2013) Inter-relationships between deformation partitioning, metamorphism and tectonism. Tectonophysics, 587. pp. 119-132.

Shah, A.A., and Bell, T.H. (2012) Ninety million years of orogenesis, 250 million years of quiescence and further orogenesis with no change in PT: significance for the role of deformation in porphyroblast growth. Journal of Earth System Science, 121 (6). pp. 1365-1399.

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Kim, Hyeong Soo, and Bell, Tim H. (2005) Combining compositional zoning and foliation intersection axes (FIAs) in garnet to quantitatively determine early P-T-t paths in multiply deformed and metamorphosed schists: north central Massachusetts, USA. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 149 (2). pp. 141-163.

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Perkins, W.G., and Bell, T.H. (1998) Stratiform replacement lead-zinc deposits: a comparison between Mount Isa, Hilton, and McArthur River. Economic Geology, 93 (8). pp. 1190-1212.

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