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Bell, T.H., Sanislav, I.V., and Sapkota, J. (2017) The control of deformation partitioning and strain localization on porphyroblast behaviour in rocks and experiments. Geosciences Journal. (In Press)

Bell, T.H., and Fay, C. (2016) Holistic microstructural techniques reveal synchronous to alternating development of andalusite and staurolite during 3 tectonic events resulted from shifting partitioning of growth vs deformation. Lithos, 262. pp. 699-712.

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Shah, A.A., and Bell, T.H. (2012) Ninety million years of orogenesis, 250 million years of quiescence and further orogenesis with no change in PT: significance for the role of deformation in porphyroblast growth. Journal of Earth System Science, 121 (6). pp. 1365-1399.

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Perkins, W.G., and Bell, T.H. (1998) Stratiform replacement lead-zinc deposits: a comparison between Mount Isa, Hilton, and McArthur River. Economic Geology, 93 (8). pp. 1190-1212.

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