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Also publishes as (Mary C. Setzer, William Setzer)

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Pokharel, Suraj K., Setzer, Mary Snow, Greenleaf, Stephanie E., Dosoky, Noura S., Jackes, Betsy R., and Setzer, William N. (2017) Bioactive dammarane triterpenoids from the bark of Drypetes acuminata from Paluma, North Queensland, Australia. Records of Natural Products, 11 (1). pp. 1-8.

Harris, Sarah M., McFeeters, Hana, Ogungbe, Ifedayo, Cruz-Vera, Louis R, Setzer, William, Jackes, Betsy, and McFeeters, Robert L (2011) Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase screening combined with molecular docking reveals the antibiotic potential of Syzygium johnsonii bark extract. Natural Product Communications, 6 (10). pp. 1421-1424.

Wu, Xiujun, Vogler, Bernhard, Jackes, Betsy R., and Setzer, William N. (2008) Terpenoids from Neolitsea dealbata. Natural Product Communications, 3 (2). pp. 129-132.

Setzer, William N., Rozmus, Glenn F., Setzer, Mary C., Schmidt, Jennifer M., Vogler, Bernhard, Reeb, Sabine, Jackes, Betsy R., and Irvine, Anthony K. (2006) Bioactive principles in the bark of Pilidiostigma tropicum. Journal of Molecular Modeling, 12 (5). pp. 703-711.

Setzer, Mary C., Werka, Jennifer S., Irvine, Anthony K., Jackes, Betsy R., and Setzer, William N. (2006) Biological activity of rainforest plant extracts from far North Queensland, Australia. In: Williams, Lawrence A.D., and Reese, P.B., (eds.) Biologically Active Natural Products for the 21st Century. Research Signpost, Kerala, India, pp. 21-46.

Fainerman-Melnikova, Marina, Lindoy, Leonard F., Liou, Show-Yee, McMurtrie, John C., Green, Noel P., Nezhadali, Azizollah, Rounaghi, Gholamhossin, and Setzer, William N. (2004) Metal-ion recognition—selective bulk membrane transport of silver(I) using thioether donor macrocycles as ionophores, and X-ray structure of the silver complex of an S4-donor ring. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 57 (2). pp. 161-166.

Setzer, Mary C., Setzer, William N., Jackes, Betsy R., Gentry, Glenn A., and Moriarity, Debra M. (2001) The medicinal value of tropical rainforest plants from Paluma, North Queensland, Australia. Pharmaceutical Biology, 39 (1). pp. 67-78.

Setzer, William N., Setzer, Mary C., Peppers, R. Lynton, McFerrin, Michael B., Meehan, Edward J., Chen, Liqing, Bates, Robert B., Nakkiew, Pichaya, and Jackes, Betsy R. (2000) Triterpenoid constituents in the bark of Balanops australiana. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 53 (9). pp. 809-812.

Setzer, William N., Setzer, Mary C., Bates, Robert B., and Jackes, Betsy R. (2000) Biologically active triterpenoids of Syncarpia glomulifera bark extract from Paluma, North Queensland, Australia. Planta Medica, 66 (2). pp. 176-177.

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