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Harvey, Euan S., Mclean, Dianne L., Goetze, Jordan S., Saunders, Benjamin J., Langlois, Tim J., Monk, Jacquomo, Barrett, Neville, Wilson, Shaun K., Holmes, Thomas H., Ierodiaconou, Daniel, Jordan, Alan R., Meekan, Mark G., Malcolm, Hamish A., Heupel, Michelle R., Harasti, David, Huveneers, Charlie, Knott, Nathan A., Fairclough, David V., Currey-Randall, Leanne M., Travers, Michael J., Radford, Ben T., Rees, Matthew J., Speed, Conrad W., Wakefield, Corey B., Cappo, Mike, and Newman, Stephen J. (2021) The BRUVs workshop – An Australia-wide synthesis of baited remote underwater video data to answer broad-scale ecological questions about fish, sharks and rays. Marine Policy, 127. 104430.

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Udyawer, Vinay, Cappo, Mike, Simpfendorfer, Colin A., Heupel, Michelle R., and Lukoschek, Vimoksalehi (2014) Distribution of sea snakes in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park: observations from 10 yrs of baited remote underwater video station (BRUVS) sampling. Coral Reefs, 33 (3). pp. 777-791.

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Cappo, Mike, Stowar, Marcus, Syms, Craig, Johansson, Charlotte, and Cooper, Tim (2011) Fish-habitat associations in the region offshore from James price point - a rapid assessment using baited remote underwater video stations (BRUVS). Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia, 94 (2). pp. 303-321.

Perna, Colton N., Burrows, Damien, Cappo, Mike, and Pusey, Bradley J. (2009) Floodplain degradation and restoration in Northern Queensland: the response of the Alien Fish Pest Gambusia holbrooki. Ecological Management and Restoration, 10 (3). pp. 241-243.

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