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Edelman, Alexandra, Allen, Tammy, Devine, Susan, Horwood, Paul F., McBryde, Emma s., Mudd, Julie, Warner, Jeffrey, and Topp, Stephanie M. (2024) "Hospitals respond to demand. Public health needs to respond to risk": health system lessons from a case study of northern Queensland’s COVID-19 surveillance and response. BMC Health Services Research, 24. 104.

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Allen, Tammy, and Spencer, Rosalie (2023) Barriers and Enablers to Using an Emergency Operations Center in Public Health Emergency Management: A Scoping Review. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, 17 (11). e407.

Allen, Tammy, Crouch, Alan, Russell, Tanya L., and Topp, Stephanie M. (2023) Factors influencing the community participation approaches used in Aedes mosquito management in the Torres Strait, Australia. BMC Public Health, 23. 1993.

Allen, Tammy, O'Loughlin, Mary, and Croker, Felicity (2022) Teaching health promotion competencies in undergraduate dentistry training: A unique pedagogical approach. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 33 (S1). pp. 35-38.

Allen, Tammy, Crouch, Alan, and Topp, Stephanie M. (2021) Community participation and empowerment approaches to Aedes mosquito management in high-income countries: a scoping review. Health Promotion International, 36 (2). pp. 505-523.

Stevenson, Leah C., Allen, Tammy, Mendez, Diana, Sellars, David, and Gould, Gillian S. (2020) Is open defaecation in outdoor recreation and camping areas a public health issue in Australia? A literature review. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 31 (3). pp. 525-532.

Allen, Tammy, Topp, Stephanie, and Crouch, Alan (2019) Mosquito-borne disease and community engagement in high-income countries: scoping review. In: [Presented at Global Health Security 2019]. From: Global Health Security 2019, 18-20 June 2019, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Allen, Tammy, Taleo, Fasihah, Graves, Patricia M., Wood, Peter, Taleo, George, Baker, Margaret C., Bradley, Mark, and Ichimori, Kazuyo (2017) Impact of the Lymphatic Filariasis Control Program towards elimination of filariasis in Vanuatu, 1997-2006. Tropical Medicine and Health, 45 (8). pp. 1-11.

Allen, Tammy, Furler, Donna, Drury, Lauren, Pinese, Cameron, and Singh, Harmohan (2016) Barriers and enablers to conducting health promotion in private dental practice. In: [Presented at the 23rd National Conference of the Australian Health Promotion Association]. From: 23rd National Conference of the Australian Health Promotion Association, 19-22 June 2016, Perth, WA, Australia.

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