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Lima-Alves, Adriano, Claudino, João Gustavo, Boullosa, Daniel, Couto, Crislaine Rangel, Teixeira-Coelho, Francisco, and Pimenta, Eduardo M. (2022) The relationship between internal and external loads as a tool to monitor physical fitness status of team sport athletes: a systematic review. Biology of Sport, 39 (3). pp. 629-638.

Claudino, João Gustavo, Cardoso Filho, Carlos Alberto, Bittencourt, Natália Franco Netto, Gonçalves, Luiz Gilherme, Couto, Crislaine Rangel, Quintão, Roberto Chiari, Reis, Guilherme Fialho, de Oliveira Júnior, Otaviano, Amadio, Alberto Carlos, Boullosa, Daniel, and Serrão, Júlio Cerca (2021) Eccentric strength assessment of hamstring muscles with new technologies: a systematic review of current methods and clinical implications. Sports Medicine - Open, 7. 10.

Claudino, João Gustavo, Cardoso Filho, Carlos Alberto, Boullosa, Daniel, Lima-Alves, Adriano, Carrion, Gustavo Rejano, Gianoni, Rodrigo Luiz da Silva, Guimarães, Rodrigo Dos Santos, Ventura, Fúlvio Martins, Araujo, André Luiz Costa, Del Rosso, Sebastián, Afonso, José, and Serrão, Julio Cerca (2021) The role of veracity on the load monitoring of professional soccer players: a systematic review in the face of the big data era. Applied Sciences, 11 (14). 6479.

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