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Maguire, Emma (2019) Self-help: Yumi Sakugawa’s Instagram account. European Journal of Life Writing, 8.

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Book Chapter

Cardell, Kylie, Douglas, Kate, and Maguire, Emma (2017) 'Stories': social media and ephemeral narratives as memoir. In: Avieson, Bunty, Giles, Fiona, and Joseph, Sue, (eds.) Mediating Memory: tracing the limits of memoir. Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature . Routledge, New York, NY, USA, pp. 157-172.

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Conference Item

Menadue, Christopher B. (2017) Proximal Reading: a network-scaled approach to digital literature analysis. In: [Presented at the CASE HDR Conference 2017]. From: CASE HDR Conference 2017: Intersecting Fields, 30-31 October 2017, Townsville, QLD, Australia.

Menadue, Christopher B. (2016) Through a lens, brightly: how the worldview of science fiction reflects the spirit of the age. In: [Presented at Digital Humanities@JCU, 2016]. From: Digital Humanities@JCU, November 3, 2016, James Cook University.

Kuttainen, Victoria, Liebich, Susann, and Galletly, Sarah (2015) The transported imagination: Australian interwar magazines and the geographical imaginaries of late colonial modernity. In: [Presented at the Annual International Conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations]. From: DH2015: Global Digital Humanities: the annual international conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations, 29 June - 03 July 2015, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Ellison, Elizabeth, Holliday, Penny, and Van Luyn, Ariella (2012) Reading images: the book club in the art gallery. In: Proceedings of 2012 Engagement Australia Conference. From: AUCEA Next Steps, 9-11 July 2012, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. (Unpublished)

Taylor, Cheryl (2000) Randolph the Reckless: explorations In Australian masculine identity, 1889-1941. In: Australian Writing and the City: refereed proceedings of the 1999 conference. pp. 38-45. From: 1999 Conference of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature, 2-6 July 1999, Sydney, NSW, Australia.


Atkin, Lara, Comyn, Sarah, Fermanis, Porscha, and Garvey, Nathan (2019) Early public libraries and colonial citizenship in the British Southern Hemisphere. New Directions in Book History . Palgrave MacMillan, Cham, Switzerland.

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Honey, Tania (2015) Change for the machines: the cyborg in fact and fiction into the 21st century. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Giardina, Natasha Anne (2011) To steal past watchful dragons: cultural hegemony and ideology transmission in children's fantasy literature 1900-1997. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Bartlett, Alison (1994) Jamming the machinery: écriture féminine and the practice of contemporary women writers in Australia. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

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