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Lee, Sean T.H., Hartanto, Andree, Yong, Jose C., Koh, Brandon, and Leung, Angela K.-y. (2020) Examining the cross‐cultural validity of the positive affect and negative affect schedule between an Asian (Singaporean) sample and a Western (American) sample. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 23. pp. 109-116.

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Book Chapter

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Conference Item

Peel, Raquel, McBain, Kerry, Caltabiano, Nerina, and Buckby, Beryl (2019) The romantic self-saboteur: how do people sabotage love? In: [Presented at the International Convention of Psychological Science]. From: ICPS 2019: International Convention of Psychological Science, 7-9 March 2019, Paris, France.

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Larson, Michael (2012) Error management, the speaker-bias, and lie-rarchy in the evolution of deception avoidance. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

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