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Bartley, Rebecca, Waters, David, Turner, Ryan, Kroon, Frederieke, Garzon-Garcia, Alex, Kuhnert, Petra, Lewis, Stephen, Smith, Rachel, Bainbridge, Zoe, Olley, Jon, Brooks, Andrew, Burton, Jo, Brodie, Jon, and Waterhouse, Jane (2017) 2017 Scientific Consensus Statement: land use impacts on the Great Barrier Reef water quality and ecosystem condition, Chapter 2: sources of sediment, nutrients, pesticides and other pollutants to the Great Barrier Reef. Report Section. State of Queensland.

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Šantrůčková, Hana, Kaštovská, Eva, Kozlov, Daniil, Kurbatova, Julya, Livečková, Miluše, Shibistova, Olga, Tatarinov, Fedor, and Lloyd, Jon (2010) Vertical and horizontal variation of carbon pools and fluxes in soil profile of wet southern taiga in European Russia. Boreal Environment Research, 15 (3). pp. 357-369.

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