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Baldwin, Darren S., Bowden, Bruce F., Duckworth, Paul A., Lindoy, Leonard F., Mccool, Brian J., Meehan, George V., Vasilescu, Ioana M., and Wild, S. Bruce (2002) New macrocyclic ligands: XIV. synthesis and X-ray structures of potentially pentadentate ligands incorporating non-symmetrically arranged N4S-, N3OS-, N2O2S- and N2S2O-heteroatoms. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 55 (9). pp. 597-603.


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Glasson, Christopher R.K., Meehan, George V., Motti, Cherie A., Clegg, Jack K., Turner, Peter, Jensen, Paul, and Lindoy, Leonard F. (2011) Nickel(II) and iron(II) triple helicates assembled from expanded quaterpyridines incorporating flexible linkages. Dalton Transactions, 40. pp. 12153-12159.

Glasson, Christopher R.K., Clegg, Jack K., McMurtrie, John C., Meehan, George V., Lindoy, Leonard F., Motti, Cherie A., Moubaraki, Boujemaa, Murray, Keith S., and Cashion, John D. (2011) Unprecedented encapsulation of a [FeIIICl4]− anion in a cationic [FeII4L6]8+ tetrahedral cage derived from 5,5''-dimethyl-2,2':5',5'':2'',2'''-quaterpyridine. Chemical Science, 2 (3). pp. 540-543.

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Vasilescu, I.M., Baldwin, D.W., Bourne, D.J., Clegg, J.K., Li, F., Lindoy, L.F., and Meehan, G.V. (2011) Interaction of Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) with dibenzo-substituted macrocyclic ligands incorporating both symmetrically and unsymmetrically arranged N, O and S donors. Dalton Transactions, 40 (34). pp. 8675-8684.


Watson, Gregory S., Green, David W., Schwarzkopf, Lin, Li, Xin, Cribb, Bronwen W., Myhra, Sverre, and Watson, Jolanta A. (2015) A gecko skin micro/nano structure: a low adhesion, superhydrophobic, anti-wetting, self-cleaning, biocompatible, antibacterial surface. Acta Biomaterialia, 21. pp. 109-122.


Xu, Jia, Yan, Jing, Gu, Qiang, Li, Junfeng, and Wang, Hongyan (2011) Preparation of fluoride-containing gelatin nanofiber scaffold. Materials Letters, 65 (15-16). pp. 2404-2406.

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