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Also publishes as (Daniel P. Atwater, Daniel Atwater, Dan Atwater, D. Atwater, D.A.P. Atwater)

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Heron, M.L., and Atwater, D.A.P. (2014) QA, QC, and accuracy for HF ocean radars. In: Proceedings of Oceans 2014 MTS/IEEE Taipei. pp. 1-6. From: Oceans 2014 MTS/IEEE Taipei, 7-10 April 2014, Taipei, Taiwan.

Heron, Malcom L., and Atwater, Daniel P. (2013) Temporal and spatial resolution of HF ocean radars. Ocean Science Journal, 48 (1). pp. 99-103.

Wyatt, Lucy R., Atwater, Dan, Mantovanelli, Allessandra, Prytz, Arnstein, and Rehder, Sven (2013) The Australian Coastal Ocean Radar Network data availability and quality. In: Proceedings of the International Radar Symposium (2) pp. 405-410. From: IRS 2013: International Radar Symposium, 9-21 June 2013, Dresden, Germany.

Atwater, Daniel, Mantovanelli, Alessandra, Prytz, Arnstein, Rehder, Sven, and Wyatt, Lucy (2013) Operational requirements for oceanographic ground-wave HF radars: experiences from the Australian Coastal Ocean Radar Network. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Radar. pp. 118-121. From: International Conference on Radar, 9-12 September 2013, Adelaide, SA, Australia.

Wyatt, L.R., Atwater, D., Prytz, A., and Rehder, S. (2013) A comparison between SeaSonde and WERA HF radar current measurements. In: Proceedings of Oceans 2013 MTS/IEEE Bergen. From: Oceans 2013 MTS/IEEE Bergen, 10-13 June 2013, Bergen, Norway.

Heron, Mal, Wyatt, Lucy, Atwater, Daniel, and Prytz, Arnstein (2012) The Australian coastal ocean radar network: lessons learned in the establishment phase. In: OCEANS, 2012 - YEOSU. pp. 1-5. From: OCEANS, 2012 - YEOSU, 21-24 May 2012, Yeosu, Korea (South).

Atwater, D.P., and Heron, M.L. (2011) A first approach to SeaSonde quality control. In: Proccedings of OCEANS 2011. pp. 1-5. From: OCEANS 2011 MTS/IEEE Kona, 19-22 September 2011, Waikoloa, HI, USA.

Atwater, D.P., and Heron, M.L. (2010) HF radar two-station baseline bisector comparisons of radial components. In: Proceedings of Oceans 2010 IEEE. From: Oceans 10 IEEE Sydney, 24-27 May 2010, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Atwater, D.P., and Heron, M.L. (2010) Temporal error analysis for compact cross-loop direction-finding HF radar. In: Proceedings of Oceans 2010 MTS/IEEE Seattle Conference & Exhibition. pp. 1-6. From: Oceans 2010 MTS/IEEE Seattle, 20-23 September 2010, Seattle, WA, USA.

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