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Also publishes as (Andrew Brooks, A. Brooks)

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Cottrell, D., Wilson, J., van der Zwan, R., and Brooks, A. (2008) Masking the sound induced flash illusion. In: Australian Journal of Psychology: combined abstracts of 2008 psychology conferences: the abstracts of the 35th Australasian experimental psychology conference (60) pp. 65-66. From: EPC08: 35th Australasian Experimental Psychology Conference, 28-30 March 2008, Fremantle, WA, Australia.

van der Zwan, Ricky, Cottrell, David, Reid, Russell, and Brooks, Anna (2007) The sound-induced flash illusion: auditory modulation of visual M-pathway activity. In: Paper presented at 8th Annual Meeting of the International Multisensory Research Forum. 113. p. 121. From: IMRF2007: 8th Annual Meeting of the International Multisensory Research Forum, 5-7 July 2007, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Bartsch, Lauren, Van der Zwan, Rick, Cottrell, David, and Brooks, Anna (2007) Auditory biological motion processing: the eyes alone don't have it! In: Proceedings of the 42nd Australian Psychological Society Annual Conference. From: 42nd Annual Conference of the Australian Psychological Society, 25-29 September 2007, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Brooks, Anna (2004) The neural correlates of the jitter illusion. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Esteban, Luis M., Tsoutsman, Tatiana, Jordan, Margaret A., Roach, Daniel, Poulton, Lynn D., Brooks, Andrew, Naidenko, Olga V., Sidobre, Stephane, Godfrey, Dale I., and Baxter, Alan G. (2003) Genetic control of NKT cell numbers maps to major diabetes and lupus loci. Journal of Immunology, 171 (6). pp. 2873-2878.

Brooks, Anna, van der Zwan, Rick, and Holden, John (2003) An illusion of coherent global motion arising from single brief presentations of a stationary stimulus. Vision Research, 43 (23). pp. 2387-2392.

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