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Neldner, Victor, and Addicott, Eda (2022) Three decades of monitoring the woody layer of tropical eucalypt woodlands of northern Queensland. Cunninghamia, 22. pp. 71-87.

Hunter, John T., Lewis, Donna, Addicott, Eda, Luxton, Sarah, Cowie, Ian, Sparrow, Ben, and Leitch, Emrys (2022) A plot-based analysis of the vegetation of the Northern Territory, Australia: a first assessment within the International Vegetation Classification framework. Vegetation Classification and Survey, 3. pp. 161-174.

Addicott, Eda, Neldner, Victor, and Ryan, Timothy (2021) Aligning quantitative vegetation classification and landscape scale mapping: updating the classification approach of the Regional Ecosystem classification system used in Queensland. Australian Journal of Botany, 69 (7). pp. 400-413.

Luxton, Sarah, Lewis, Donna, Chalwell, Shane, Addicott, Eda, and Hunter, John (2021) Australian advances in vegetation classification and the need for a national, science-based approach. Australian Journal of Botany, 69. pp. 329-338.

Muldavin, Esteban H., Addicott, Eda, Hunter, John T., Lewis, Donna, and Faber-Langendoen, Don (2021) Australian vegetation classification and the International Vegetation Classification framework: an overview with case studies. Australian Journal of Botany, 69 (7). pp. 339-356.

Hunter, John, and Addicott, Eda (2021) Poplar box woodlands of Eastern Australia: an assessment of a threatened ecological community within the IVC framework. Vegetation Classification and Survey, 2. pp. 241-255.

Addicott, Eda, Laurance, Susan G.W., Bannink, Peter, and Thompson, Simon (2020) The intertidal plant communities in north-eastern Australia, their carbon stores and vulnerability to extreme climate events. Aquatic Conservation: marine and freshwater ecosystems, 30 (12). pp. 2298-2312.

Addicott, Eda, and Laurance, Susan G.W. (2019) Supervised versus un‐supervised classification: a quantitative comparison of plant communities in savanna vegetation. Applied Vegetation Science, 22. pp. 373-382.

Addicott, Eda Patricia (2019) A new classification approach: improving the regional ecosystem classification system in Queensland, Australia. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Addicott, Eda, Laurance, Susan, Lyons, Mitchell, Butler, Don, and Nelder, John (2018) When rare species are not important: linking plot-based vegetation classifications and landscape-scale mapping in Australian savanna vegetation. Community Ecology, 19 (1). pp. 67-76.

Addicott, Eda, Newton, Mark, Laurance, Susan, Neldner, John, Laidlaw, Melinda, and Butler, Don (2018) A new classification of savanna plant communities on the igneous rock lowlands and Tertiary sandy plain landscapes of Cape York Peninsula bioregion. Cuninghamia, 18. pp. 29-72.

Dunning, Luke T., Liabot, Anne-Lise, Olofsson, Jill K., Smith, Emma K., Vorontsova, Maria S., Besnard, Guillaume, Simpson, Kimberley J., Lundgren, Marjorie R., Addicott, Eda, Gallagher, Rachael V., Chu, Yingying, Pennington, R. Toby, Christin, Pascal-Antoine, and Lehmann, Caroline E.R. (2017) The recent and rapid spread of Themeda triandra. Botany Letters, 164 (4). pp. 327-337.

Hill, Rosemary, Turpin, Gerald, Canendo, Warren, Standley, Peta-Marie, Crayn, Darren, Warne, Sarah-Jane, Keith, Katrina, Addicott, Eda, and Zich, Frank (2011) Indigenous-driven tropical ethnobotany. Australasian Plant Conservation, 19 (4). pp. 24-25.

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