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Also publishes as (Vicki L. Saunders, Vicki-lea Saunders, Vicki-Lea Saunders, V. Saunders)

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Langham, Erika, McCalman, Janya, Redman-MacLaren, Michelle, Hunter, Ernest, Wenitong, Mark, Britton, Amelia, Rutherford, Katrina, Saunders, Vicki, Ungar, Michael, and Bainbridge, Roxanne (2018) Validation and factor analysis of the child and youth resilience measure for Indigenous Australian boarding school students. Frontiers in Public Health, 6. 299.

van Luyn, Ariella, Gair, Susan, and Saunders, Vicki (2017) 'Transcending the limits of logic': poetic inquiry as a qualitative research method for working with vulnerable communities. In: Gair, Susan, and van Luyn, Ariella, (eds.) Sharing Qualitative Research: showing lived experience and community narratives. Routledge Advances in Research Methods, 21 . Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon, UK, pp. 79-95.

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