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Jahanbakht, Mohammad, Rahimi Azghadi, Mostafa, and Waltham, Nathan J. (2023) Semi-supervised and weakly-supervised deep neural networks and dataset for fish detection in turbid underwater videos. Ecological Informatics, 78. 102303.

Jahanbakht, Mohammad, Xiang, Wei, Waltham, Nathan J., and Rahimiazghadi, Mostafa (2022) Distributed Deep Learning in the Cloud and Energy-efficient Real-time Image Processing at the Edge for Fish Segmentation in Underwater Videos Segmentation in Underwater Videos. IEEE Access, 10. pp. 117796-117807.

Jahanbakht, Mohammad, Xiang, Wei, Robson, Barbara, and Rahimi Azghadi, Mostafa (2022) Nitrogen prediction in the Great Barrier Reef using finite element analysis with deep neural networks. Environmental Modelling & Software, 150. 105311.

Jahanbakht, Mohammad, Xiang, Wei, and Rahimi Azghadi, Mostafa (2022) Sea surface temperature forecasting with ensemble of stacked deep neural networks. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 19. 1502605.

Jahanbakht, Mohammad, Xiang, Wei, and Azghadi, Mostafa Rahimi (2022) Sediment Prediction in the Great Barrier Reef using Vision Transformer with finite element analysis. Neural Networks, 152. pp. 311-321.

Jahanbakht, Mohammad (2022) Deep learning for internet of underwater things and ocean data analytics. PhD thesis, James Cook University.

Jahanbakht, Mohammad, Xiang, Wei, Hanzo, Lajos, and Rahimi Azghadi, Mostafa (2021) Internet of underwater things and big marine data analytics — a comprehensive survey. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, 23 (2). pp. 904-956.

Ghandehari, Mehdi Bahadorzadeh, and Jahanbakht, Mohammad (2017) Design and fabrication a metamaterial based absorber for GSM and DCS band application. International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications, 6 (2).

Jahanbakht, M., and Lotfi-Neyestanak, A.A. (2011) Coplanar MEMS Phased Array Antenna Using Koch Fractal Geometry. Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, 17. pp. 29-42.

Lotfi-Neyestanak, Abbas Ali, Mirzapour, Babak, and Jahanbakht, Mohammad (2011) Modeling the Local Rainfall Effects on Millimeter-Wave Propagation Using Homogeneous Meteorological Areas. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 8 (6). pp. 1120-1124.

Naghavi, A.H., Tondro-Aghmiyouni, M., Jahanbakht, M., and Lotfi Neyestanak, A.A. (2010) Hybrid Wideband Microstrip Wilkinson Power Divider Based on Lowpass Filter Optimized Using Particle Swarm Method. Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, 24. pp. 1877-1886.

Jahanbakht, Mohammad, Neyestanak, A. A. Lotfi, Vakili, E., Moghaddasi, M.N., and Sadeghzadeh, R.A. (2009) Augmented Crescent as a Band Notching Patch to an Ultra Widband Microstrip Antenna. Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, 23 (11-12). pp. 1545-1554.

Jahanbakht, M., Lotfi Neyestanak, A.A., and Naser-Moghaddasi, M. (2008) Coplanar waveguide wideband fractal Koch antenna. Microwave & Optical Technology Letters, 50 (4). pp. 936-939.

Lotfi Neyestanak, A.A., Jahanbakht, M., Sadegh Mohammadi, H.R., and Graeeli, A. (2008) Field Simulation of a High Voltage Inductor for Series Resonant Generator. Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, 22 (17-18). pp. 2391-2398.

Hassani, H.R., and Jahanbakht, M. (2008) Method of moment analysis of finite phased array of aperture coupled circular microstrip patch antennas. Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, 4. pp. 197-210.

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